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The Politics of Jesus, 2nd ed.

, 1994
ISBN: 9780802807342

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Tradition has painted a portrait of a Savior who stands aloof from governmental concerns and who calls his disciples to an apolitical life. But such a picture of Jesus is far from accurate, according to John Howard Yoder. This watershed work in New Testament ethics leads us to a Savior who was deeply concerned with the agenda of politics and the related issues of power, status, and right relations. By canvassing Luke’s Gospel, Yoder argues convincingly that the true impact of Jesus’ life and ministry on his disciples’ social behavior points to a specific kind of Christian pacifism in which “the cross of Christ is the model of Christian social efficacy.”

This second edition of The Politics of Jesus interacts with more recent publications that touch on Yoder’s timely topic. Following most of the chapters are “epilogues” summarizing research conducted since the book first came out in 1972—research that continues to support the outstanding insights set forth in Yoder’s original work.

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  • Examines the traditional portrait of Jesus as an apolitical figure
  • Attempts to clarify the true impact of Jesus’ life, work, and teachings on his disciples’ social behavior
  • Surveys the multiple ways the image of an apolitical Jesus has been propagated
  • The Possibility of a Messianic Ethic
  • The Kingdom Coming
  • The Implications of the Jubilee
  • God Will Fight for Us
  • The Possibility of Nonviolent Resistance
  • Trial Balance
  • The Disciple of Christ and the Way of Jesus
  • Christ and Power
  • Revolutionary Subordination
  • Let Every Soul Be Subject: Romans 13 and the Authority of the State
  • Justification by Grace through Faith
  • The War of the Lamb
I am convinced that when Christians look back on this century of theology in America, The Politics of Jesus will be seen as a new beginning.

—Stanley Hauwerwas, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law, Duke Divinity School

When it was first published, The Politics of Jesus effected a coup de grace against neo-orthodox biblical theologies that had managed to depoliticize the ethical significance of Jesus’ message. This second edition is no less provocative in contesting the reevaluations of New Testament ethics emerging from recent scholarship on the historical Jesus. Yoder presses beyond the question of whether Jesus was political to ask what sort of politics is the mark of Christian discipleship.

Dennis P. McCann, Wallace M. Alston Professor Emeritus of Bible and Religion, Agnes Scott College

Although most Catholics, Calvinists, and Christian realists will remain skeptical of Yoder’s view of Jesus and of politics, we are always challenged by him. This new edition includes acute responses to many critics. It will keep the discussion vibrant as Christians today decide how to engage our emerging cosmopolitan, global civilization.

—Max L. Stackhouse, Rimmer and Ruth de Vries Professor of Reformed Theology and Public Life Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary

  • Title: The Politics of Jesus
  • Author: John Howard Yoder
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1994
  • Pages: 271

John Howard Yoder (1927–1997) taught ethics and theology at Notre Dame University and Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary. He received his doctorate from the University of Basel, Switzerland, and was a member of the Mennonite Church in Elkhart, Indiana. Widely sought around the world as a theological educator, ethicist, and interpreter of biblical pacifism, he is best known for The Politics of Jesus, 2nd ed.. He is also the author of The Christian Witness to the State, The Royal Priesthood: Essays Ecclesiological and Ecumenical, and Nevertheless: The Varieties and Shortcomings of Religious Pacifism.


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