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George Eldon Ladd Collection (7 vols.)

, 1956–1975

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This collection features select works from George Ladd, whose writings on eschatology and New Testament studies represent a major contribution to evangelical scholarship. With careful and compelling scholarship, Ladd shows that the study of last things is not a purely futuristic enterprise. Rather, the work of Christ, culminating in his resurrection, ascension, and enthronement, has inaugurated an eschatological “already and not yet” tension in which Christians have already begun to experience the in-breaking of the latter days as a foretaste of the coming consummate kingdom of God.

In The Blessed Hope, Ladd distills scholarly research into a reader-friendly study of Christ’s second coming and the rapture that surveys differing views and presents the biblical testimony on the issue. In The Presence of the Future, Ladd presents a detailed case for the thesis that Christ has brought in the kingdom of God comes in two stages—inauguration and consummation. I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus is Ladd’s able defense of that indispensable doctrine. In The New Testament and Criticism, he urges conservative Christians not to retreat from the academy and demonstrates that biblical criticism can be wielded for good. In The Pattern of New Testament Truth, Ladd shows how the diversity of the New Testament text can be taken seriously without undermining its fundamental unity and distinctness from the Greco-Roman worldview. In The Gospel of the Kingdom, Ladd revives a unified view of Scripture by presenting the Kingdom of God as the permeating theme of the Bible. And, in his commentary on Revelation, Ladd condenses his brilliant contributions on eschatology into a manageable guide to one of the most enigmatic books of the Bible. Glean from Ladd’s keen eschatological insights with these important volumes.

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  • Classic works on eschatology from one of evangelical scholarship’s most significant contributors
  • Presentation of Ladd’s influential “already and not yet” perspective on the New Testament
  • Unified treatment of the New Testament around the theme of the kingdom
  • Title: George Eldon Ladd Collection (7 vols.)
  • Author: George Eldon Ladd
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Volumes: 7
  • Pages: 1,505
  • Resource ID: {8FFA4766-79A2-49DA-8C34-05099A09FBE5}
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George Eldon Ladd (1911–1982) was a Baptist minister and New Testament scholar. Born in Alberta, Canada, Ladd was educated at Gordon Divinity School (now Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) and Harvard, where he received his PhD in classics under preeminent New Testament scholar Henry J. Cadbury. Ordained in the Northern Baptist Convention in 1933, Ladd pastored three churches in New England for nine years. From there he went on to teach New Testament at Gordon and at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he taught New Testament for 30 years.


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    Shame the 'Theology of the New Testament' is not included. Then I WOULD be paying close attention!


Collection value: $110.93
Save $22.94 (20%)