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The Climax of Biblical Prophecy: A Guide to Interpreting Revelation

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Eschatology, the study of future things, is too often a neglected topic in theological and personal study. The doctrines of God the Father, Christ, sin, and salvation tend to push it into the background. But eschatology is our window into God’s plans for the future, the end goal of many doctrines. God thought these future things so important that he devoted an entire book to the topic and gave it a prominent place as the conclusion to the Bible.

A fresh presentation, a greater body of knowledge, and some striking new evidence make The Climax of Biblical Prophecy by Brian Hand the next generation among eschatological resources of its kind. It addresses the most crucial issues that lead to the various systems of interpretation. Hand provides a reasonable defense for the literal interpretation method, for premillennialism, and for a Christ-centered focus on the book of Revelation.

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  • Shows how the major systems (preterism, historicism, idealism, and futurism) build on their chosen method of interpretation
  • Answers crucial questions that arise in the course of eschatology and Revelation
  • Discusses the person of Christ
  • A Case for Literal Interpretation
  • Four Major Systems of Interpretation
  • The Millennium
  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ
  • Revelation with a Purpose

Top Highlights

“The four major interpretive systems derive from differing answers to two important questions: to what time period do the images in Revelation chapters 4–22 refer?1 and what kind of referent (literal or symbolic) do the images in Revelation possess?” (Page 31)

“Although some symbols occur in Revelation, nothing in the context warrants the assumption that most of the words in the book are symbols.” (Page 12)

“It requires only that the exegete recognize that when God brings an event ‘near’ to mankind, that nearness does not require immediate fulfillment. It means that the fulfillment is imminent.” (Page 70)

“Fourth, Futurism typically views the victory of Christ as key to the book of Revelation.” (Page 37)

“eschatology is the fruit and fulfillment of all other doctrines” (Page 4)

  • Title: The Climax of Biblical Prophecy: A Guide to Interpreting Revelation
  • Author: Brian Hand
  • Publisher: Bob Jones University Press
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Pages: 208

Brian Hand is professor of New Testament at Bob Jones University Seminary.


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Digital list price: $10.99
Save $2.00 (18%)