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A Simplified Harmony of the Gospels

Format: Digital
, 2001
ISBN: 9780805494235


If you have ever found yourself studying an event from Christ’s life and flipping back and forth from one Gospel to another to try to get the whole picture, then this book is for you. In A Simplified Harmony of the Gospels, Jesus’ life is presented chronologically, taking you from one scene to the next, weaving each gospel writer’s observations into the story, capturing the subtle nuances that give each of the Gospels its individuality.

The Simplified Harmony is supported by hundreds of in-text explanatory notes and comments that probe the deeper meanings of the Scripture and place you in the living stream of its history and culture. Helpful sidebars are included to help with those areas where some events are questionable as to where they fit in the chronological order of Christ’s ministry. Included in the resource is an expanded outline, a systematic reading plan, indices for each Gospel, and a subject index.

Praise for the Print Edition

I've taught Sunday school to adults for years. This new Harmony is super. Great layout, beautiful cover, clear and concise writing. Simplified, but not pablum. Serious scholarship, but crystal clear. The format makes for a very easy and short read.

—Amazon reviewer

Product Details

  • Title: A Simplified Harmony of the Gospels
  • Author: George W. Knight
  • Publisher: Holman
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 267

About George Knight

George Knight is a longtime writer and scholar who has overseen and contributed to many major reference works. He is also a past editor of Home Life magazine and a curriculum designer. His passion for the Bible and experience in teaching God’s Word sparked his desire to create this Simplified Harmony to help teachers and students understand the story of Christ as a whole.

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