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If Aristotle’s Kid Had an iPod: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Parents
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If Aristotle’s Kid Had an iPod: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Parents


Saint Benedict Press 2012

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.


In If Aristotle’s Kid Had an iPod, Conor Gallagher dusts off Aristotle’s Ethics and reveals a vibrant, illuminating philosophy no less powerful and profound than when it was first penned.

Aristotle’s philosophy of man has endured for millennia. The truth of Aristotle’s insights has been acknowledged by saints and scholars, illustrated in literature and pop culture, even empirically demonstrated by modern science. But you’ve never seen it like this.

Gallagher masterfully weaves Aristotle, scientific studies, pop culture, and parenting tales together, making If Aristotle’s Kid Had an iPod a funny, rich, and informative read, and an indispensable guide for any parent who wants to pass on the secrets of a happy life to their kids.

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Key Features

  • Shows practical connection between the ancient wisdom of Aristotle and the modern everyday experience of raising kids
  • Includes “Aristotle’s Parenting Assessment Test”
  • Provides “Aristotle’s Dictionary for Parents” and extensive notes


  • Part I: Virtue
    • Aristotle and the Dog Whisperer
    • A Rational Animal
    • Kids without Chests
    • The Four Moral Characters
    • If It Ain’t Easy, It Ain’t Virtue
  • Part II: Friendship
    • Your Kid Is a Social Animal
    • The Three Types of Friendship
    • If Aristotle’s Kid Was on Facebook
    • If Aristotle’s Kid Had an iPod
    • The Other: From the Sandbox to the Alter
  • Part III: Happiness
    • The Real Role of Pleasure
    • The Cardinal Virtues: Opening and Closing the Door to Happiness
    • Aristotle, the Beatles, and Bill Gates
    • Contemplation: Telling Your Kid to Get Lost
    • Why Your Kid Exists

Praise for the Print Edition

If you want to help your children become the best version of themselves . . . READ THIS BOOK!

—Matthew Kelly, international acclaimed speaker and author

There’s no better authority on human nature than Aristotle, and his recipe for finding lasting fulfillment in life has never been more timely. Conor Gallagher takes this ancient wisdom and applies it to contemporary child-rearing with clarity and humor. Vivid examples and descriptions of recent research make this book a pleasure to read. If you plan to read just one book on how to raise confident, virtuous, and well-rounded children make it this one.

—Laura L. Garcia, scholar-in-residence, Philosophy Department, Boston College

Conor Gallagher has written a wonderful book—and by that I mean it is both inspired by wonder, and it encourages wonder in the parents to whom it is addressed. He knows that you can’t talk reasonably about children unless you have a sense for the wonder (and the dangers) of their nature, and of the virtuous happiness which perfects that nature. He brings Aristotle—and Tolkien, and Star Wars—into a lively conversation with modern parents, in language that is precise, straightforward, and winsome.

—Anthony Esolen, professor of English, Providence College

Product Details

  • Title: If Aristotle’s Kid Had an iPod: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Parents
  • Author: Conor Gallagher
  • Publisher: St. Benedict Press
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Pages: 250

About Conor Gallagher

Conor Gallagher is vice president of publishing of Saint Benedict Press and TAN Books and executive producer of Catholic Courses. He earned both his masters in philosophy and Juris Doctorate from The Catholic University of America.