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The Longest Table: 52 Meditations for Communion

Format: Digital
, 2007
ISBN: 9780784721452


Communion stretches around the world, unifying all who remember and have been changed by Christ’s death and resurrection. The Longest Table offers 52 memorable meditations to remember the sacrifice of Christ. Each meditation includes a Scripture reading, meaningful thoughts for Communion, and a prayer.

In the Logos edition, all Scripture passages in The Longest Table are tagged, appear on mouseover, and link to your favorite Bible translation in your library. With Logos’ advanced features, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference—finding, for example, every mention of “Spirit of the Lord” or “Isaiah 61:1.”

Key Features

  • Introductory Scripture verses
  • Fresh, beautifully written Communion meditations
  • Concluding prayer with each meditation


  • The Longest Table, Maryland
  • All the Blood Is His, Mexico
  • All the Broken Pieces, Czech Republic
  • Another Upper Room, Tennessee
  • At His Footstool Kneeling, Iceland
  • Binding the Broken, California
  • The Bloody Crucifix, West Virginia
  • Bringing in the Cross, China
  • Christmas Needs Communion, China
  • Digging His Grave, Mexico
  • Dirty Feet, Egypt
  • Drawing in the Dust, Iran
  • The Emperor’s Table, Austria
  • Encountering Christ, Japan
  • Everyone Is Equal, China
  • Father, Forgive, Great Britain
  • The Feast of Regeneration, Russia
  • First Meal, Last Meal, China
  • The First Meal on the Moon, The Moon
  • First Thanksgiving, Massachusetts
  • Grain and Grapes, Czech Republic
  • Greeting the Rising Son, Iceland
  • Hanging on a Tree, Germany
  • He Broke It, Japan
  • Her Own Share, China
  • In Our Gladness, Russia
  • In the Presence of His Enemies, Turkey
  • Judas’ Eyes, Jesus’ Eyes, Singapore
  • The King of the Hawaiians, Hawaii
  • Marching with the Cross, Korea
  • Michelangelo’s Masterpiece, Italy
  • A Monsoon Meal, India
  • A Monument to Love, India
  • Naked at the Cross, China
  • Not Just Words, Australia
  • A Part of the Whole, India
  • A Place of Peace, Great Britain
  • The Saddest Place in the World, Ghana
  • The Shepherd Wears a Crown, Tennessee
  • Slave to the Slaves, Colombia
  • Something’s Fishy, Germany
  • Speaking His Language, Greece
  • Standing Up Together, Georgia
  • Strapped to the Cross, Pennsylvania
  • They Still Ate, Japan
  • Thunder at the River, China
  • Tokens of Triumph, Great Britain
  • Traveling by Starlight, Turkey
  • Unbinding Their Feet, China
  • With all the Saints, Spain
  • With What We Have, France
  • Zero Degrees Longitude, Great Britain

Product Details

  • Title: The Longest Table: 52 Meditations for Communion
  • Author: J. Lee Magness
  • Series: Communion Meditations
  • Publisher: Standard
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 112

About J. Lee Magness

J. Lee Magness is Vera Britton Chair of Bible and a professor of Bible at Milligan College in Tennessee.

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