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Center for New Testament Textual Studies' New Testament Critical Apparatus

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Groundbreaking Textual Scholarship

The Center for New Testament Textual Studies (CNTTS) New Testament Critical Apparatus is the most detailed and comprehensive critical apparatus on the market. Existing only in digital format, this database provides almost 17,000 pages of compiled data on Greek New Testament manuscripts, fragments, and sources, allowing scholars to closely examine variations in the text and discover each source manuscript for any given word or passage in the New Testament. Completely searchable, this massive apparatus contains findings and textual information not published in any other resource. Textual variants are classified categorically, allowing scholars to easily sort through the minor textual differences (spelling differences, for example) and the major ones (such as entirely different words or phrases, or missing text).

“This is a first in the field, both as a comprehensive, electronic apparatus and in terms of how searchable it is,” says Dr. William F. Warren Jr., professor of New Testament and Greek at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. “We are among the top U.S. institutions working with the manuscripts.”

Logos Takes It Further

Logos Bible Software presents this database of monumental scope in a smart, easy-to-analyze format. Search the Greek text instantly for the words or verses you are looking for, and with a click consult your favorite theological or philological dictionaries or textual commentaries in your library. Then, compare your results with Logos’s own text tools—explore your Bible Word Study tool, and discover word counts, alternative translations, grammatical relationships, and see how your word appears in extrabiblical ancient Greek writings. Cross-references to manuscript fragments in your library are linked, allowing you to jump straight from the New Testament Critical Apparatus to the manuscripts it cites.

Resource Experts
  • Represents the most detailed critical apparatus currently available
  • Classifies textual variants for easier research
  • Works intelligently with Logos’s existing tools, guides, and features

Top Highlights

“Future stages will include the on-going work of reviewing and correcting or clarifying the data as well as the addition of more witnesses each year as part of the planned annual updates. The advantage of the electronic database is that additions such as these can be done on a continual basis, with the next few years already full of planned expansions and revisions. So this is a growing work that will improve in both quality and comprehensiveness as more data is added.” (source)


13 ratings

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  1. Matt Edelen

    Matt Edelen


    What is the difference between this 2010 edition and the 2021 edition also on Logos?
  2. diederick pütter
    This apparatus seems to be very limited in the functions that it provides. It is one resource/book with all the manuscripts listed in an index and when you go to a specific Greek word in the resource text, it provides all the manuscripts abbreviations associated with it. When you hover over the abbreviated reference of the word, it provides you with the description of the manuscripts. This is how far it goes, none of these allows you to go directly to the manuscript listed, unless logos does not have any of the manuscripts to reference. This is a glorified catalogue, functioning on its own. When you do power searches, none of the information are picked up. It is a standalone document which is not integrated with anything. Very disappointing, unless I'm not using the function correctly?
  3. Natan de Carvalho
    Has this been updated and does it contain the commentaries? Accordance provides it and I want to know whether to buy it here or there.
  4. Pastor Michael Huffman
    The Most Comprehensive Work of Textual Criticism. A must buy for serious student of the original text.
  5. Adam Olean

    Adam Olean


  6. James



  7. M. David Johnson
  8. Randy Marsh

    Randy Marsh


  9. no such person
  10. Daniel M. Mandery