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A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic (2 vols.)

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This two-volume collection combines the thorough teaching of A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic with the useful comments of a comprehensive answer key. Alger F. Johns’ concise Grammar teaches the fundamental language content you need in order to accurately translate biblical Aramaic. Focused exercises at the end of each chapter directly correspond to sections of James Jumper’s Annotated Answer Key, with explanations to illuminate even the toughest exercises. Whether you’re just beginning to study biblical Aramaic or you’re undertaking a translation of the book of Daniel, the volumes in A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic will be invaluable additions to your library.

With Logos Bible Software, this collection integrates seamlessly into your personal digital library, making these language tools even more effective. Access dictionaries and other reference resources with a click. Read your preferred Scripture translation alongside Aramaic passages for faster learning and a more robust understanding of the language.

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Key Features

  • Outlines the principles of biblical Aramaic syntax
  • Combines instructional text and annotated exercises for more efficient learning
  • Clearly explains grammatical terminology in familiar English terms before using Aramaic examples

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A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic

  • Author: Alger F. Johns
  • Publisher: Andrews University Press
  • Publication Date: 1972
  • Pages: 108

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

This standard grammar book of biblical Aramaic has been an invaluable resource for students at seminaries and universities around the world. Each of the following chapters contains practice exercises that can be checked and corrected with the Annotated Answer Key, included in this collection.

  • Phonology of Biblical Aramaic
  • Nouns and Adjectives
  • Independent Personal Pronouns and Suffixes on Nouns
  • Other Pronouns
  • The Verbal System: The Perfect
  • The Verbal System: The Imperfect, the Infinitive, Etc.
  • Classes of Nouns
  • The Derived Active Conjugations
  • The Passive and Reflexive Conjugations
  • Laryngeal Verbs
  • Pe Nun, Pe Yodh, and Pe Aleph Verbs
  • Hollow Verbs
  • Geminate Verbs
  • Lamedh He Verbs
  • Other Doubly Weak and Irregular Verbs
  • Verbal Suffixes: With the Perfect
  • Verbal Suffixes: With the Imperfect, the Infinitive, Etc.
  • Noun Types
  • Similar Noun Classes
  • The Numerals

Alger F. Johns earned a PhD from Johns Hopkins University and taught Old Testament at Andrews University (SDA).

Annotated Answer Key to Alger Johns’ A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic

  • Author: James N. Jumper
  • Publisher: Andrews University Press
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 111

Sample Pages: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

This companion volume to Alger Johns’ A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic provides translations for the exercises in Johns’ textbook. Addressing each chapter of the grammar, James Jumper offers valuable annotations, grammar reminders, and easy cross-referencing. Jumper references and repeats important linguistic concepts that will help students and scholars learn the features of Aramaic they will encounter as they study and translate.

James N. Jumper served as a teaching fellow at Harvard University, where he is currently working toward a PhD in Hebrew Bible.


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  1. Faithlife User
  2. M. David Johnson
  3. Joshua Thompson
  4. George Somsel
    I believe this was the Aramaic grammar we used in seminary (minus the answer key). It's OK, but I was hoping for something more expansive such as Rosenthal or Muraoka.


Collection value: $25.90
Save $1.91 (7%)