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Luke: Historian and Theologian

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Luke - Historian and Theologian examines the theology of Luke and the distinctive message found in his Gospel.

Taking into account both Luke’s Gospel and Acts, Marshall makes three suggestions. First, that Luke’s faith rested on the events associated with the work of Jesus and the apostles, hence the historical accounts found in his writings. Second, that the key concept in Luke’s theology is “salvation,” understood as both a present possession and a foretaste of future blessings. Third, that Luke was an Evangelist or preacher concerned to lead people to Christian belief on the basis of a reliable record of the historical facts.

“Highly recommended to all serious students of the New Testament.” —F. F. Bruce

Luke’s writings have become the storm center of much biblical study. Is Luke a reliable historian or merely a theologian concerned to commend what he considered to be Christian faith, even at the expense of accuracy? In this book, Howard Marshall, author of an outstanding commentary on the Greek text of Luke, examines these and other related problems.

Praise for the Print Edition

Because of the great importance of Luke’s writings, because of the crucial significance of Lukan theology, because of the current storm center in Lukan studies, and because of Marshall’s careful development of Luke’s theology of salvation, this book should be given careful consideration by every student of the New Testament.

—F. D. Lindsey, Bibliotheca Sacra

A work of fine scholarship, wide reading, sane balance and practical usefulness.

—Michael Green

Those wanting a constructive approach to Luke and Acts cannot do better than consult Dr. Marshall’s valuable contribution.

—Donald Guthrie

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  • Title: Luke - Historian and Theologian
  • Author: I. Howard Marshall
  • Publisher: Paternoster
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 251

About Howard Marshall

Howard Marshall, after studying Classics and Divinity at the University of Aberdeen, trained for the ministry of the Methodist Church at Wesley House, Cambridge. A year of postgraduate study at the University of Gottingen was followed by a period of two years as Assistant Tutor at Didsbury College, Bristol.

Marshall then moved to the University of Aberdeen where he eventually became Professor of New Testament Exegesis, a post he occupied until his retirement. He is currently Honorary Research Professor of New Testament in the School of Divinity and Religious Studies at King’s College, University of Aberdeen.

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