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Pocket Dictionary for the Study of New Testament Greek

, 2001
ISBN: 9780830867110
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If you are beginning your study of New Testament Greek or Greek exegesis, this book is for you! From ablative to zeugma, it defines the tangled terms that infest Greek textbooks, grammars, and lexicons.

Here is the book to deliver you from late-night ponderings of the predicate and frantic fumings over the fricative. It is the indispensable lexicon to that third language that is neither Greek nor recognizable English: the technical vocabulary of grammarians, lexicographers, linguists, and Greek instructors. This pocket dictionary gives you the inside edge on the terminology of exegesis, textual criticism, and biblical criticism.

Logos Bible Software dramatically improves the value of this resource by enabling you to find what you’re looking for with unparalleled speed and precision. The Logos edition of Pocket Dictionary for the Study of New Testament Greek is completely searchable and will streamline your research time. Designed for students, pastors, and other busy people who want an aid to formal or informal study, this resource will prove to be a priceless addition to your collection.

Resource Experts
  • Defines the essential terms of study, from ablative to zeugma
  • Helps you effectively use grammars, lexicons, exegetical tools, and the apparatus of the Greek New Testament
  • Features careful definitions, helpful examples, and copious cross-references

Top Highlights

“n. Biblical material that involves instruction, exhortation or commands. Also paranesis or parenesis.” (Page 93)

“In the indicative mood, the aorist commonly denotes past time. The aorist is sometimes spoken of as indefinite” (Page 19)

εἰ plus a verb in the indicative mood in the protasis and any mood or tense in the apodosis (the ‘then’ clause).” (Page 56)

“explanatory; drawing out the meaning of something. Also known as explanatory or explicative” (Page 52)

“The tense that usually presents the verbal action simply and in summary fashion.” (Page 19)

For seminary students, pastors, and serious laypeople, this book serves as a wonderful softcover PalmPilot into the lingo of the Greek exegetical world.

Darrell L. Bock, executive director of cultural engagement and senior research professor of New Testament studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

This bibelot is a veritable gem . . . a very useful key for students of the New Testament and its Greek and a great boon to teachers. I hope that all of my students will wear out at least one copy!

David M. Scholer, former professor of New Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary

A necessity for students of the Greek New Testament.

Robert H. Gundry, scholar-in-residence, Westmont College

  • Title: Pocket Dictionary for the Study of New Testament Greek
  • Author: Matthew S. DeMoss
  • Series: The IVP Pocket Reference Series
  • Publisher: IVP
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 138

Matthew S. DeMoss is a book review editor and production manager of Bibliotheca Sacra. He received a BA from Columbia International University and ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary.


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Digital list price: $13.99
Save $6.00 (42%)