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Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion

, 2002
ISBN: 9780830867011

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For philosophers, the pursuit of truth travels on precise definitions. For Christian apologists, the defense of the faith is founded on the defining Word. And for beginning students of either discipline, the difference between success and frustration begins with understanding the terms and ideas and identifying the thinkers and movements.

The Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion is designed to be a companion to your study of these two related disciplines. Among its 300 entries are:

  • Terms, from a posteriori to worldview
  • Apologists, from Abelard to Van Til
  • Philosophers of religion, from Alston to Wolterstorff
  • Movements, from analytic philosophy to voluntarism
  • Apologetic arguments, from the cosmological to the wager
  • Theologies, from Arminianism to Zoroastrianism

Here is an affordable and easily accessible help key for your readings, lectures, writing assignments, and exam preparation. It’s a must-have study aid for any student who expects to cogitate on coherentism or ruminate on Ricouer.

Logos Bible Software dramatically improves the value of this resource by enabling you to find what you’re looking for with unparalleled speed and precision. The Logos edition of Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion is completely searchable and will streamline your research time. Designed for students, pastors, and other busy people who want an aid to formal or informal study, this resource will prove to be a priceless addition to your collection.

Resource Experts
  • An essential companion to the study of apologetics and philosophy of religion
  • A-to-Z entries on terms, apologists, philosophers, movements, apologetic arguments, and theologies

Top Highlights

“compatibilism. In philosophy of action, the view that causal determinism is logically compatible with free will” (Page 25)

“(1) ‘All humans are mortal; Socrates is a human; therefore Socrates is mortal.’” (Page 32)

“God had to allow for the possibility of evil if he wished to give humans (and angelic beings) free will” (Page 114)

“reasoning to a generalization on the basis of particular instances of that generalization” (Page 60)

“The ability of an agent to make genuine choices that stem from the self. Libertarians” (Page 46)

  • Title: Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion
  • Author: C. Stephen Evans
  • Series: The IVP Pocket Reference Series
  • Publisher: IVP
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 125

C. Stephen Evans is University Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Baylor University. He is also a Professorial Fellow at the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry at Australian Catholic University and is a widely travelled speaker. Evans is the author or editor of more than two dozen books, including the Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics and Philosophy of Religion, Faith Beyond Reason: A Kierkegaardian Account, Why Believe? Reason and Mystery as Pointers to God, and God and Moral Obligation.



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Digital list price: $13.99
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