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中文聖經新譯本(繁體)Chinese New Version Bible (Traditional Chinese) (CNVT)
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中文聖經新譯本(繁體)Chinese New Version Bible (Traditional Chinese) (CNVT)

by ,

環球聖經公會, Worldwide Bible Society 2005

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主要特色Key Features

  • 由原文直接翻譯而成。
  • 儘量貼近原文,在直譯與意譯之間取得合宜的平衡。
  • 二十多位學者與牧者撰寫各類書卷總論和各書卷簡介。
  • 附各類書卷的釋經法。
  • 採用文學釋經法剖析各書卷的內容。
  • 解明各書卷與舊約或新約的關係。
  • 為讀者提供讀經提示,引導他們反省並在生活中應用神的話語。
  • 於正文內加註,列出其他抄本有出入的地方,及提供其他可能的譯法。
  • 根據每段經文的重點加上分段標題,使段落清晰,方便查閱及理解。
  • 部分分段標題後附加平行經文,顯示其他相同或類似的記載,以資參考。
  • 書末加插新舊約詞彙淺釋、聖經歷史年代表和地圖等輔助研經資料。

各界好評Praises from others

The new translation of the Bible is the elite in the twentieth century.

—Chen Qian, pastor, Chinese Evangelical Free Church

[The] new translation of the Bible text is very modern, vivid, and easy to read, and many places are closer to the meaning of the original text.

—Tang Zhaoqi, honorary pastor, Tsung Tsin Christian Shau Kei Wan Church

[The] ‘new Bible translation’ of modern terminology and rigorous translation, allows us to more accurately grasp the meaning of the Scriptures.

—Jason Yeung, China Graduate School of Theology

. . . the wording is clear and understandable, translated loyal to the original, and meet[s] the needs of the twenty-first-century Chinese Church; To seriously understand God’s Word, the new translation of the Bible cannot be ignored.

—Yang Yongchang, president, Evangelical Theological Seminary

詳細資料Product Details

  • 書名Title: 中文聖經新譯本(繁體)Chinese New Version (CNVT)
  • 版本Edition: 2nd
  • 出版社Publisher: 環球聖經公會
  • 出版日期Publication Date: 2005
  • 頁數Pages: 1,439

關於環球聖經公會About Worldwide Bible Society

The Worldwide Bible Society, originally The New Chinese Bible Center, was founded in 1972 in an effort to translate the Bible from the original texts to the Chinese language. In 1976 it published the Chinese New Version New Testament, and in 1992 it published both Testaments. Today the organization delivers Bibles to mainland Chinese pastors, prisoners, followers, and nonbelievers.