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The Works of Thomas Reid (2 vols.)

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Thomas Reid founded the Scottish School of Common Sense. Reid argued that common sense, the belief that what our senses tell us is more or less true, is the basis for all philosophy. He criticized the philosophies of David Hume and George Berkeley, which reject the ability to know the external world. Reid argued that the foundations of common sense justify the belief in the existence of an external world. In order to engage in any kind of philosophical inquiry, said Reid, one has to assume certain givens like “I am talking to another person.” Reid believed that anyone not capable of such assumptions was insane, and not worth discussing philosophy with.

Reid posited a direct realism—that the world around us is as we perceive it to be—against the idealism of Berkeley. He believed that this epistemological bedrock was the beginning of ethical philosophy. If one knows that the world is as he perceives it to be, then he knows how to act because he knows what is true.

The Works of Thomas Reid offers all of Reid’s published works, along with his correspondence. In Logos, you can perform near-instant searches and jump between various titles with a click. Juxtapose Reid’s realism and Berkeley’s idealism with side-by-side comparison. Use the dictionary lookup function to define difficult philosophical terms.

  • Reid’s correspondence (including a letter to David Hume)
  • Biographical sketch by Dugald Stewart
  • Discussion of Reid’s philosophy by the editor
  • In-depth index
  • Title: The Works of Thomas Reid
  • Author: Thomas Reid
  • Editor: William Hamilton
  • Volumes: 2
  • Pages: 1,034
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Besides his pastoral experience, Rev. Reid has brought a wealth of expertise to the professional development of the Seminary library. Prior to coming to RPTS, he was Assistant to the Librarian at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Librarian for the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Hall in Belfast, Ireland, and Head Librarian at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. Professor Reid shares his advanced research knowledge with degree students by teaching Theological Research and Writing, and he also is responsible for North American Church History. He contributed to Worship in the Presence of God and The Role and Service of Women. His representative articles include, “Auguste Lecerf and the Renaissance of Calvinism in Modern France,” in Evangelical Times; “The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America among the Reformed and Presbyterian Churches,” in Semper Reformanda; “For the Sake of True Ecumenicity,” in Covenanter Witness of Scotland and Ireland; “Books about the Covenanters, Past and Present,” in The Christian Observer; and, “Acquiring Materials on World Christianity,” in Proceedings of the 54th Annual Conference, American Theological Library Association.


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  1. Oldnewbie



    It would be great if we could get this moving again and over the top. $8 is a steal for this. I'm really looking forward to adding Reid's works to my library since I already have Hume.
  2. Prayson Daniel
    Reid's works inspired Reformed Epistemology philosophers such as Alvin Plantinga. His case against empiricism and case for common sensism ought to place his works in the hands of Christians who wish to meet today's secular empirically mind societies they are living in.


Digital list price: $44.99
Save $20.00 (44%)

Gathering interest