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Interpreting the Parables

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, 1990
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In this introductory text, Craig Blomberg surveys and evaluates contemporary critical approaches to the parables, challenging the prevailing consensus and making his own important new contribution to parable studies. Within proper definitions and limits, he argues, the parables are in fact best seen as allegories.

The classic works of C. H. Dodd and Joachim Jeremias set the direction for nearly all further parable studies in this century. Embodied in both scholars’ approaches are at least two assumptions that, for the most part, have gone unchallenged: (1) Parables make one and only one main point. (2) They are not allegories. But can these assumptions be supported by the evidence?

In support of his thesis, Blomberg not only sets forth theoretical considerations but devotes attention to all the major parables, providing brief interpretations that highlight the insights to be gained from his distinctive method. He also provides a comprehensive survey and evaluation of contemporary critical approaches to the parables. A concluding chapter examines the implications of the parables for Christology and our understanding of the kingdom of God.

This groundbreaking book will be of value not only to students but to pastors and other serious readers of Scripture.

[H]ere is a book that will take its place beside and conceivably displace the standard evangelical treatments of parables. . .

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

Interpreting the Parables will appeal to theological students as what will, I suspect, become the standard evangelical textbook on the subject. . .much superior to its rivals.

—I. Howard Marshall, University of Aberdeen

  • Title: Interpreting the Parables
  • Author: Craig L. Blomberg
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  • Print Publication Date: 1990
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Craig L. Blomberg (Ph.D., Aberdeen) is Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary in Denver, Colorado. His books include Neither Poverty nor Riches, Jesus and the Gospels: An Introduction and Survey, The Historical Reliability of John's Gospel, Making Sense of the New Testament: 3 Crucial Questions and Preaching the Parables.