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Prolegomena on Biblical Hermeneutics and Method, 2nd ed.

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From the Greek pro (before) and legomen (we speak), prolegomena refers to preliminary or introductory words on a course of study. Prolegomena on Biblical Hermeneutics and Method, 2nd ed., explores four important pillars that support biblical theology, and provides guidance on how we can study and understand the Bible for ourselves, along with background on how others have understood the Bible throughout history.

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Resource Experts
  • Analyzes four pillars of biblical theology
  • Presents various ways of understanding Scripture dispensationally
  • Provides tips for studying Scripture
  • Introduction
    • Definitions in Biblical Theology
    • The Aim of Biblical Theology
    • Biblical Theology as a Foundation for Philosophy
    • Biblical Theology as a Foundation for Science
    • Biblical Theology as a Worldview
    • Biblical Theology as a Epistemology
  • Pillar One: The Existence of the Biblical God
    • Personal vs. Impersonal
    • Singularity vs. Plurality
    • Rational vs. Rationalism
    • Absolute vs. Relativism
  • Pillar Two: God's Authoritative Self-Revelation to Man
    • Inspiration
    • Canonicity
    • Biblical Criticism
    • Transmission
  • Pillar Three: Natural-Man's Incapacity to Comprehend God's Revelation
    • The Purpose of Language
    • The Noetic Affects of Sin
    • The Work of Father, Son, and Spirit
  • Pillar Four: A Consistent Hermeneutic
    • Result One: Submission to the Authority of Scripture
    • Result Two: Recognition of Cumulative Revelation
    • Result Three: Awareness of Doxological Centrality
    • Result Four: Normative Dispensational Conclusion
    • Result Five: Clear Distinction between Israel and the Church
    • The Biblical Hermeneutic Method
    • A Brief History of Hermeneutical Method
    • Basic Contemporary Hermeneutic Approaches
    • Basic Interpretive Process
  • Processes in Biblical Theology
    • Introduction to Exegetical Process
    • Introduction to Synthetic Process
    • Introduction to Systematic Process

Top Highlights

“As an introduction to theological method this work will be built upon the framework of four pillars, which are (1) the existence of the Biblical God, (2) His authoritative revelation of Scripture, (3) natural man’s incapacity to comprehend (or spiritually appraise) revelation, and (4) the necessity (in approaching that revelation) of a consistent hermeneutical approach which does not violate any of the first three pillars. The literal grammatical-historical method will be argued as the only interpretive method which can function within this framework, and will thus lead naturally to an inductive exegetical process which will inform the synthetic and systematic processes, effectively providing a scaffold for derivation of a Biblical theology.” (Page 11)

“Therefore, it is here suggested that Presuppositional Dispensationalism be the most appropriate description of this system, emphasizing its particularly definitive elements.” (Page 12)

“Biblical theology generically refers to the development of theological themes directly and exclusively from the Biblical record itself, typically examining the Bible ‘bit by bit and writer by writer.’2 Systematic theology topically systematizes information exclusively from the Biblical record.3 Historical theology discusses the historical development of theological doctrines. Dogmatic theology, like traditional definitions of Biblical theology, derives its doctrinal body from the Scriptures alone, but differs from such definitions in that it deals with the whole of Scripture rather than isolated parts.” (Pages 12–13)

Prolegomena is the study of presuppositions, definitions, and theological methods which are foundational to any doctrinal system. This volume concerning prolegomena is decidedly dispensational in approach and thus lays the groundwork necessary for understanding Scripture dispensationally. . . . offers an excellent theological study which is basic to systemic theology.

Gary E. Gilley, pastor-teacher, Southern View Chapel, Springfield, Illinois

  • Title: Prolegomena on Biblical Hermeneutics and Method
  • Author: Christopher Cone
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publisher: Tyndale Theological Seminary
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Pages: 360

Christopher Cone serves as president of Tyndale Theological Seminary, and teaches there as a professor of Bible and theology. He also serves as a pastor for Tyndale Bible Church. Cone has authored several books including The Promises of God: A Synthetic Bible Survey, Prolegomena: Introductory Notes on Bible Study and Theological Method, and Life beyond the Sun: An Introduction to Philosophy and Worldview through the Lens of Ecclesiastes. He is the general editor of Dispensationalism Tomorrow and Beyond: A Theological Collection in Honor of Charles C. Ryrie and Practical Aspects of Pastoral Theology.


7 ratings

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  1. Freddie Jr. Kinsler
    This is one of my text books used at Tyndale Theological Seminary! Cone breaks down the process very well! This is a must have book for any Dispensational Study! Thanks Cone and Logos for a great book! Just wish Logos would do a Mobile Ed on this title with Cone doing the teaching!
  2. Faithlife User
  3. Mark Batten

    Mark Batten


  4. Keith Allan Moore
  5. Nicholas Max Pokorny
    An easy-to-read introduction on hermeneutics. The author does a great job at comparing other forms of theology while presenting his own findings. A must read for anyone seeking to understand theology!
  6. AeliusCicero



  7. Kevin Groth

    Kevin Groth


    Great book!


Digital list price: $18.99
Save $4.00 (21%)