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Malachi: A Handbook on the Hebrew Text

ISBN: 9781481304986
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The Baylor Handbook on the Hebrew Bible series provides expert, comprehensive guidance in answering significant questions about the Hebrew text. While reflecting the latest advances in scholarship on Hebrew grammar and linguistics, the series utilizes a style that is lucid enough to serve as a useful agent for teaching and self-study.

Rather than devote space to the type of theological and exegetical comments found in most commentaries, this series instead focuses on the Hebrew text and its related issues, syntactic and otherwise. The volumes in the series serve as prequels to commentary proper, providing guides to understanding the linguistic characteristics of the texts from which the messages of the texts may then be derived.

In Malachi: A Handbook on the Hebrew Text, Terry Eddinger provides a practical guide for students and teachers working through the Hebrew text of Malachi. Eddinger addresses the grammatical and syntactical issues within the final book of the Minor Prophets, while drawing out the larger narrative of the text through analysis of how words and phrases function in larger clauses and paragraphs. Taking the work of translation and interpretation one step further, Malachi follows the poetic prose of the book’s catechetical dialogue in order to provide greater understanding of the prophet’s specific literary structure. Including chapter-specific keywords and an exhaustive linguistic glossary, Eddinger provides a valuable resource for all to better capture the meaning inherent in this underutilized book.

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Resource Experts
  • Concentrates on the grammar and linguistics of the Hebrew text
  • Addresses difficult topics relating to text interpretation
  • Provides clarity to the complexity of the Hebrew language
  • Superscription
    • Malachi 1:1
  • First Oracle: God Loves Jacob
    • Malachi 1:2–5
  • Second Oracle: Sinful Priests
    • Malachi 1:6–8
    • Malachi 1:9–13
    • Malachi 1:14
    • Malachi 2:1–19
  • Third Oracle: Sinful Community
    • Malachi 2:10–16
  • Fourth Oracle: God Sends Justice
    • Malachi 2:17–3:5
  • Fifth Oracle: Community Called to Support the Cult
    • Malachi 3:6–12
  • Sixth Oracle: Hope for the Community
    • Malachi 3:13–21
    • Appendices
    • Malachi 3:22
    • Malachi 3:23–24

Top Highlights

“However, I prefer a third position. I think the writer combines the two literally styles to create a hybrid, a blend of poetry and prose creating a poetic prose.” (Page 3)

“The לְ preposition on לְיַעֲקֹב begins a periphrastic genitive construction and indicates possession (Hill, 150).” (Page 11)

“In this context, שָׂנֵא has more of the sense of not chosen rather the emotion of malcontent (NIDOT, 3:1257).” (Page 12)

“This construct genitival phrase designates the source and authority of the oracle.” (Page 7)

“However, the word probably has a broader connotation here meaning everything set apart for Yahweh, including the temple, the covenant people, and the priests (as with Hill, 221).” (Page 59)

Terry Eddinger has provided a helpful tool for students translating Hebrew prophetic texts for the first time.

—James D. Nogalski, professor and director of Graduate Studies in Religion, Baylor University

Malachi is a useful guide to pastors and others who perhaps do not want to attempt translating Malachi for themselves but would like to glean helpful insights into the Hebrew text for preaching and writing.

—Paul L. Redditt, senior lecturer in Old Testament, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky

  • Title: Malachi: A Handbook on the Hebrew Text
  • Author: Terry W. Eddinger
  • Publisher: Baylor University Press
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Pages: 174

Terry W. Eddinger is the Benjamin Miller Professor of Old Testament at the Carolina Graduate School of Divinity. He is a regular contributor to the Biblical Theology Bulletin. He lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


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Digital list price: $24.99
Save $3.00 (12%)