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Products>Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers 2.10: St. Ambrose: Select Works and Letters (Catholic Edition)

Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers 2.10: St. Ambrose: Select Works and Letters (Catholic Edition)

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Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers, Second Series, Volume X: St. Ambrose: Select Works and Letters. The Early Church Fathers is one of the most important collections of historical, philosophical and theological writings available in English to the student of the Christian Church. These documents provide the most comprehensive witness to the development of Christianity and Christian thought during the period immediately following the Apostolic Era. The Catholic edition of Early Church Fathers does not include the introductions, prolegomenae, and various interpretive comments made by the protestant editors of the Edinburgh edition. However, it retains all of the footnotes found in the printed editions. Contents of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, Second Series X Ambrose of Milan On the Duties of the Clergy On the Holy Spirit On the Decease of His Brother Satyrus Exposition of the Christian Faith On the Mysteries On Repentance On Virgins On Widows Selections from the Letters of St. Ambrose

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“Thus it is stated as plainly as possible that poverty, hunger, and pain, which are considered to be evils, not only are not hindrances to a blessed life, but are actually so many helps toward it.” (Page 46)

“God Himself makes us friends instead of servants, as He Himself says: ‘Ye are My friends if ye do whatsoever I command you.’8 He gave us a pattern of friendship to follow. We are to fulfil the wish of a friend, to unfold to him our secrets which we hold in our own hearts, and are not to disregard his confidences. Let us show him our heart and he will open his to us. Therefore He says: ‘I have called you friends, for I have made known unto you all things whatsoever I have heard of My Father.’9 A friend, then, if he is a true one, hides nothing; he pours forth his soul as the Lord Jesus poured forth the mysteries of His Father.” (Page 89)

“For Christ’s subjection lies not in a few but in all. For just as I do not seem to be brought into subjection, if the flesh in me as yet lusts against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh,3 although I am in part subdued; so because the whole Church is the one body of Christ, we divide Christ as long as the human race disagrees. Therefore Christ is not yet made subject, for His members are not yet brought into subjection. But when we have become, not many members, but one spirit, then He also will become subject, in order that through His subjection ‘God may be all and in all.’” (Page 305)

“I, too, write to teach you, my children. For I love you, whom I have begotten in the Gospel, no less than if you were my own true sons. For nature does not make us love more ardently than grace. We certainly ought to love those who we think will be with us for evermore than those who will be with us in this world only.” (Page 5)

  • Title: Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers 2.10: St. Ambrose: Select Works and Letters (Catholic Edition)
  • Authors: Philip Schaff, Henry Wace, Ambrose of Milan
  • Series: Early Church Fathers (Catholic Edition)
  • Volume: 10
  • Publisher: Christian Literature Company
  • Print Publication Date: 1896
  • Logos Release Date: 2001
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Christian literature, early; Fathers of the church
  • Resource ID: LLS:6.60.124
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-02-11T16:49:20Z


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    Digital list price: $12.49
    Save $2.50 (20%)