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Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language is a unique and essential tool for educating Christians. It has the greatest number of Biblical definitions of any reference. Roots are traced in 26 languages. Usage examples come from classical literature and the Bible. This dictionary becomes not only a tool for defining words biblically, it becomes a way of thinking that forms your worldview. It will equip you for Christian leadership, strengthen your vocabulary, give you an edge in communicating your view and become your foundation for thinking and reasoning Biblically. This tool can be the turning point for you to be more effective in communicating Christian principles used in government, economics, and marketing or for your student to clearly understand how the Bible has influenced every area of life.

In the Logos edition, all Scripture passages in American Dictionary of the English Language are tagged and appear on mouse-over, and all Scripture passages link to your favorite Bible translation in your library. With Logos’ advanced features, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Resource Experts
  • The article “Noah Webster, Founding Father of American Scholarship and Education,” by Rosalie J. Slater
  • Preface by the author
  • In-depth introduction of the English language
  • Title: American Dictionary of the English Language
  • Author: Noah Webster
  • Publisher: The Foundation for American Christian Education
  • Publication Date: 1828
  • Pages: 2,000


8 ratings

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  1. AAVisual



    After owning a physical hardback copy of this resource, I was very excited to see this being released with logos functionality. Yes it has a $70 price tag, but that is a small price for the tremendous benefit it has been when used alongside with the KJV. I would like to see the embedded hyperlinks within this resource be updated to include the verse and not just the book and chapter, but that has not been a problem. The extensive definitions in the context of scripture is a priceless benefit of owning this resource. Hands down, one awesome resource!

  2. CarrollM




  3. Daniel Welch

    Daniel Welch


    This price is unconscionablely high for a resource that is out of copyright available free on the web, already transcribed and twice the price of the print version.

  4. Larry Fisher

    Larry Fisher


    Interesting views in regards the price. The best dictionary, which I paid 70 dollars for hard cover. Now I will buy the logos edition. Surely it took some individual time to put all the logos computer dealy bobs together to work with my logos and i'm on SS Retirement. Yes sir e.

  5. David Istre

    David Istre


    This is a great dictionary, however, it is available free online. Nearly $70 for a resource that is almost 100 years old and available for free online seems a little bit unrealistic. Though I'm sure the logos functionality might be worth it to some, especially those reading in the KJV.

  6. Philip Larson

    Philip Larson


  7. Ken Avery

    Ken Avery


    I felt sorry for my pastor whom was preaching this Sunday; not knowing this dictionary exists, pulled the definition for love in 1 John 4:7 from a contemporary dictionary. He then attempted to explain in the context of this verse the definition of the word love. He was sure it was not what is defined in contemporary dictionaries; though, he struggled with a concise definition. If he had this dictionary he would have the correct definition of the word love in the context of this verse explained; including, pointing to the definition of the word "benevolence". Our English language was forged out of translations of the Bible; thus, the very definitions of words were once knit together with the biblical text. The only reference I know of that provides more information concerning the definition of words used in the vernacular bibles is the LEME project: http://leme.library.utoronto.ca/index.cfm. If you want good definitions of words used in the vernacular bibles, this is an excellent resource. God bless you and keep you, Ken

  8. CJ Walker

    CJ Walker


  9. Seong Jin Kim

    Seong Jin Kim


  10. Raymond Sevilla

    Raymond Sevilla