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The Works of James Denney (15 vols.)

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James Denney, renowned New Testament scholar and Scottish theologian, was well known in the early 1900s for his strong views against war and his doctrine of atonement in the crucifixion of Christ. These 15 volumes demonstrate his thorough education, his powerful logical faculties, and his heart for evangelization.

James Denney was a contemporary of P. T. Forsyth and Marcus Dods, whose writing is often compared alongside Denney’s and who also contributed to the legacy of Scottish theological thinkers and the evangelizing message of the Gospel. With Denney, you’ll find a reliable theology, a reassuring message, and a sound exposition of doctrine, Scripture, and the life of Christ.

Reading Denney with the Logos edition makes a world of difference. You’ll instantly search through Denney’s works to find his thoughts on specific Bible passages and comparing his ideas with those of other theologians. Bible verses (linked to your preferred translation) appear on mouseover, giving you immediate context for any passage cited.

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Key Features

  • Contains all of Denney’s writing on his atonement doctrine
  • Features lucid, vivid, and expressive writing on theology and Scripture
  • Portrays his thoughts on World War I as it was happening
  • Includes personal letters, a biography of his life, and a biography of his thought

Praise for James Denney

A scholar with a rare gift of trenchant expression and passionately loyal to the truth of the gospel, James Denney (1856–1917) blazed a trail that few have equalled in his incisive analysis and effective presentation of the death of Christ. Thinking far ahead of his generation and anticipating to some extent the deviations of Barthianism, Denney consistently upheld Christ crucified as the supreme act of God and vehicle of divine revelation in contrast to the contemporary neo-orthodox concept of reconciliation in the act of incarnation.

J. F. Walvoord, Bibliotheca Sacra

To scholarship of the first rank [Denney] brought a burning conviction of the truth and adequacy of the Gospel, and he would have no truck with those who, desiring to be in tune with the Zeitgeist, would have watered it down. In all his writing about the Christian faith he sought to be biblical, real, whole, and clear, and he often declared that he had not the faintest interest in a theology which he could not preach.

—Archibald M. Hunter, professor emeritus of New Testament, Christ’s College, Aberdeen

Product Details

  • Title: The Works of James Denney
  • Authors: James Denney, T. H. Walker, Marcus Dods, James Moffatt, and John Randolph Taylor
  • Publisher: Hodder and Soughton, Marshall Brothers
  • Volumes: 15
  • Pages: 3,437
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About James Denney

James Denney (1856–1917) was a Scottish theologian and preacher in the Free Church of Scotland. In 1897, he was appointed professor of systematic theology at Free Church College in Glasgow, and in 1915, he was appointed principal of the college. Among his publications and works are 2 Corinthians and 1 & 2 Thessalonians in the Expositor’s Bible, as well as the Expositor’s Greek Testament commentary on Romans.


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Collection value: $117.35
Save $30.36 (25%)