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Workbook for Kairos: A Beginning Greek Grammar

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Having a good teacher makes all the difference when learning to read and understand the Greek New Testament. The Kairos beginning grammar and accompanying workbook are the next best thing to having a personal Greek tutor guiding you along the path toward proficiency.

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“Two final comments are in order for you, the Student. First, be sure to memorize the vocabulary words for a particular chapter before doing the exercises in the Workbook. If you do, then the exercises will reinforce your vocabulary. Second, learning Greek is a cumulative process. Daily work is required. It is not possible to ‘cram in’ the material once a week. So, it is best to maintain a healthy daily diet of NT Greek. Bon appetite!” (Page ii)

“Can you identify what sentence component belongs to each numbered slot in the sentence diagram below?” (Page 2)

“1. What larger language family does Greek belong to? Where does Koine Greek fall within the Greek languages?” (Page 7)

“How many characters does Greek have in its alphabet? How many vowels are there?” (Page 7)

“contains actual idioms that were painstakingly ferreted out from the Greek NT,” (Page i)

  • Title: Kairos: A Beginning Greek Grammar
  • Author: Dr. Fredrick Long
  • Publisher: Logos Research Systems
  • Publication Date: 2004

Fredrick J. Long (PhD Marquette University) is Professor of New Testament and Director of Greek Instruction at Asbury Theological Seminary. He researches Biblical and Greco-Roman literature and backgrounds, hermeneutics, Greek discourse analysis, and Bible translation. Prof. Long has published books with Cambridge University Press (Ancient Rhetoric and Paul’s Apology, 2004), Logos Bible Software (Kairos Greek Grammar and its Accompanying Workbook, 2005, 2008), Baylor University Press (2 Corinthians, 2015), Seedbed (Ephesians, 2017), and GlossaHouse (most notably, Koine Greek Grammar [2015] and In Step with God’s Word [2017]). He regularly presents at national and regional meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature and has contributed essays in volumes published by Brill, IVP, Logos, Oxford, and notably SBL in The First Urban Churches series (volumes on Corinth, Ephesus, and Philippi). Prof. Long is coowner of www.GlossaHouse.com, cofounding editor of The Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies, and cocontributor for the podcast PROVEText: Exploring Scripture.


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    Digital list price: $14.99
    Save $3.00 (20%)