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Chapman's New Testament-Greek Notebook

, 1978
ISBN: 9780801023897


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Benjamin Chapman's New Testament-Greek Notebook is designed to be a tool for learning and developing a more complete understanding of New Testament Greek. Recommended to students who desire to develop their Greek language skills, this title is a well-organized, approachable study of the Greek New Testament that fits perfectly into your Logos Bible Software. Chapman's work on New Testament Greek is already featured in Logos Bible Software in his Greek New Testament Insert, co-authored with Gary Steven Shogren.

The print edition was published in ring-bound notebook format, allowing scholars the ability to use this resource along with their concordances, lexicons, and other study tools. Chapman's goal was to provide tool which "pastors, missionaries, and other professional interpreters of the Word will find...a handy place to keep their exegetical notes."

In electronic format, this practical guide will serve the needs of any student of the Bible, providing instant access to the Greek language tools you need easily and provide you with the opportunity to develop your studies and language skills.

Our intention is to provide a practical and desirable loose-leaf notebook to be used as an aid to learning and reviewing New Testament Greek. Memory work in this subject cannot be avoided, and some means of organizing, annotating, and reviewing the basic materials will be welcomed by all. This notebook can supplement any textbook in current use for first-, second-, or third-year Greek, and it will be helpful in any method of teaching.

Pastors, missionaries, and other professional interpreters of the Word will find the notebook a handy place to keep their exegetical notes. At the same time they will have in hand the standard grammatical and syntactical data to which one often turns when doing exegesis. Declensions, uses of cases and tenses, interpretation of participles and infinitives, the verb chart, synonyms, and the catalogue of principal parts can all be reviewed by simply lifting one of the clearly marked dividers of the notebook. Personal notes, favorite illustrations of grammatical constructions, and former professors' contributions will all be there too, neatly organized in the same sections.

First-year students will find the vocabulary section especially helpful. The distinctive features here are the notebook method of learning and reviewing vocabulary, which can be faster and less monotonous than usual methods, and the association of words in significant grammatical and semantic groups. Some suggestions for learning vocabulary are also given. If the professor or textbook requires a different vocabulary, the one supplied can be removed and the new vocabulary written on blank sheets and inserted.

Most of the data printed in the notebook is standard and is given in outline form so that the coverage may be complete. If more detail, illustration, or explanation are needed, then grammars, lexicons, and concordances should be consulted and notes inserted in the notebook at the appropriate places. The notebook is no substitute for textbooks and grammars, but it does organize the gamut of materials for ease of learning and review.

The loose-leaf form and labeled dividers allow one to insert notes at any point and to find them again later without having to rewrite or file them. The student may add on additional sheets whatever is essential to his own understanding of the basics of grammar, syntax, and exegesis; they are automatically organized with the printed essentials so that they do not become lost in a maze of "class notes." The professor's comments and explanations will then be at hand, ready for review at any time.

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  • Title: Chapman's New Testament-Greek Notebook
  • Author: Benjamin Chapman
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Publication Date: 1978
  • Pages: 131


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    Digital list price: $19.99
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