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The value of a well-written letter is tremendous. It can provide a church member or visitor with a greater sense of value as they realize they are appreciated and recognized. Most leaders recognize the importance of letters, but many other pressing matters always seem to rise to the top. With over 22 years of ministry experience, Rev. Norman Lawrence offers these letters as a resource for use in your busy ministry. He writes letters from a pastor's background with the heart of a pastor.

Use your Logos Bible Software to locate just the right letter to send, and begin to encourage people in ways you never dreamed possible. Great for stationery or email! Perfect for the pastor with a full calendar. This product contains more than 150 letters you can copy and paste into your word processor, church management software, or email program...customize for the recipient...and send!

Often the most difficult part of starting a letter is actually starting. These letters will impact people in a positive way, and your habit of sending encouraging letters will grow. Copy, paste, modify,'s that easy with Ministry Letters!

Why Do I Need This Product?

No matter what stage you're in at your present place of ministry, Ministry Letters can be used for a wide variety of occasions, and will help you as a minister make contact with your people on a much more consistent basis. People will be excited to receive a letter from you!

Churches can customize a birthday greeting, do a search within their church database for birthdays for the week, and send a birthday letter out to those celebrating a birthday that week. Pastors can set up a reminder in a computer program that will help them remember to send out a letter on the anniversary date of the death of a loved one in the church. Often, the most difficult times for someone losing a loved one is the anniversary of the death, or even the wedding anniversary. Church people frequently do things to bless a pastor and family. A meaningful "thank you" in response is always appreciated. Did a new family visit your church? Use the Visitors Letter section to follow up with them to let them know how much their visit was appreciated. How about sending a letter to the Parents on their child's first birthday? They will appreciate the fact that you have thought of them on a very special day.

You will also find that these letters provide a great starting point for developing your own letters. They can spark ideas and help you identify new opportunities for staying in touch with your congregation. Ministry Letters are not meant to take away the "personal touch" of a pastor. Instead, they are intended to assist the pastor in constructing appropriate letters, and may easily be modified to the personal style of the pastor.

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  • Miss You (Church)
  • Miss You 2 (Church)
  • Miss You 3 (Church)
  • Offended Member (1)
  • Offended Member (2)
  • We Miss You (Sickness)
  • Miss You (Extended Vacation)
  • Adult Sunday School Absence
  • Serving In Military
  • Temporary Employment


  • Anniversary To Christian Couple
  • Anniversary To Christian Couple 2
  • 1st Anniversary to Christian Couple
  • To Couple After Wedding
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary
  • To Couple Before Wedding
  • To Parents of Bride/Groom
  • First Anniversary Of Loss of Loved One
  • Anniversary of Divorced Person


  • Birthday Letter - (General)
  • 75th Birthday of a Friend
  • To Parents on Child's First Birthday
  • Happy Birthday...Light Hearted
  • Happy Birthday...Light Hearted 2
  • To Member of Church Staff
  • To Older Person
  • To 5-8 Year Old Child
  • To 9-12 Year Old Child
  • To 13-16 Year Old Adolescent


  • 1st Anniversary of Loss of Loved One
  • Death of A Saved Spouse
  • Death of a Saved Married Son
  • Death of Mother - Letter to Children
  • Death of A Child - Letter to Parents
  • Elderly Saved Parent - Letter to Child
  • First Mother's Day w/o Mom (or Dad)
  • First Anniversary w/o Spouse
  • Spouse Killed In War
  • Father Killed In War
  • Anniversary of Death of Child
  • Death of an Accident Victim
  • Death of a Close Friend
  • To Parents - Young Cancer Victim (Christian)
  • To Parents - Young Cancer Victim (Non-Christian) 


  • To Returning Soldier
  • Birth of A Child
  • To Couple After Adoption
  • New Business
  • To Couple on Engagement
  • College Graduation
  • National Honor Society
  • High School Graduation
  • Job Promotion
  • Retirement

Guest Ministries

  • Confirmation of Ministry Booking (from Pastor)
  • Confirmation of Ministry Booking (from Ministry)
  • Letter of Recommendation (from Pastor)
  • Request for Letter of Recommendation (from Ministry)
  • Request for Service (from Evangelist)
  • Request for Service (from Pastor)
  • Thank You for Ministering (from Pastor)
  • Thank You for Opportunity to Minister (from Ministry)
  • Request to Reschedule (from Ministry)
  • Request to Reschedule (from Pastor)


  • To Contractor For Church Dedication
  • Invitation to Visit Church After Special Event
  • Invitation to Serve As Usher
  • Invitation to Small Group Ministry
  • Invitation to Join New Believers Class
  • Invitation to Visitors About Special Event
  • Invitation to New Attendees For Luncheon
  • Invitation To Community Service (Firemen, Police, etc.)
  • To Minister To Speak At Crusade


  • Welcome To Membership
  • Invitation to Membership Classes
  • Welcome - Commitment Theme
  • Welcome - Commitment Theme 2
  • Welcome - Family Theme
  • Denial for Membership
  • Inactive Member - Pre-Removal
  • Inactive Member - Removal
  • Reinstatement of Membership
  • Denial For Reinstatement
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Letter of Non-Recommendation

Motivation & Encouragement

  • To Discouraged Christian
  • Encouragement In New Ministry
  • Leadership Qualities Noted
  • Friendship Qualities Noted
  • Appreciation To Secretary
  • Appreciation To Youth Pastor
  • Appreciation To Associate Pastor
  • Appreciation To Sunday School Superintendent
  • Appreciation To Music Minister
  • Appreciation to Custodian
  • Appreciation To Volunteer Worker
  • To Caregiver In Home

Special Occasions

  • Dedication of Infant
  • Service To Honor Community Volunteers
  • Letter to Be Opened At 18
  • Sunday School Promotion for Child
  • Sunday School Promotion for Teen
  • Announcement of New Youth Pastor
  • Announcement of New Associate Pastor
  • Announcement of New Music Director


  • Easter Special Offering Letter
  • Christmas Special Offering Letter 1
  • Christmas Offering - Special Project 2
  • To Business For Donation to Food Ministry
  • Stewardship - Tithing Emphasis
  • Express Need for Testimonials
  • Express Need For Missions Pledges
  • Memorial Gift Appreciation
  • Encouragement For Good Stewardship
  • Special Offering for Benevolence Need
  • Offering for Youth/Children's Ministry
  • Special Offering for Church Van
  • Special Offering for New Sound System
  • Special Meeting To Discuss Stewardship
  • Memorial Gift Notification To Family

Thank You

  • Monetary Gift
  • Monetary Gift For Steeple
  • Meal and Fellowship
  • Thank You For Ministry While Absent
  • Thank You For Ministry (Preaching)
  • To Women's Ministry For Meal
  • Thank You For Service In Church
  • Thank You For Present Ministry
  • For Deacon's Faithful Service
  • Thanks For Time At Work Day
  • For Kind Words Spoken
  • Personal Pastor's Monetary Gift (Bonus) from Church
  • For Music Ministry
  • For A Life of Character and Integrity
  • For Genuine Friendship
  • Altar Flower Thank You


  • 1st Time Visitor
  • 1st Time Visitor w/ Illustration
  • 2nd Time Visitors to Church & Poem
  • Invitation to Visitors About Special Event
  • Invitation to Visit Church After Special Event
  • To Visitor From Out of Area
  • Invitation to Small Group Ministry
  • New Family In Community
  • Sunday School Visit Follow Up
  • Thanks For Visiting Small Group Ministry


  • Counseling Session Follow Up
  • New Christian
  • Terminally Ill
The Ministry Letters collection is one of the best resources of its kind. The letters are very well written and can be easily edited to 'custom fit' your personal ministry needs. With the click of a mouse you will be presented with quality letters in every imaginable category. You will use this resource again and again!

—Barry Davis, The Pastor's Helper

Thanks a load! Have already used it and it has been a great time saver - not to mention the fact that some of us pastors are verbal and not as strong when it comes to the prose. Thanks for the help. I will strongly recommend your site and product to my friends.

—Pastor Bill L.

We have received many wonderful comments from parishioners in response to letters received. Often we have so little time to sit and write pastoral letters to our members, yet, it is so important. Thank you for renewing my ministry and for helping bring joy into someone’s sadness.

—Rev. Vernon

Thank you so much for making [Ministry Letters] available. We have developed letters for birthdays, anniversaries, first time visitors, etc., however, your book gave us fresh ideas to incorporate into our letters. We have been wanting to expand our letters into other areas and now with your help we will be able to do that immediately. Thank you for this wonderful tool that every office should have in their possession.

—Dianne D., Pennsylvania

I just wanted to commend you on creating this program. It has been so beneficial to my church and me. I am the secretary at my church and I have been looking for some help trying to create letters and things of this nature. If you have any other tips that would help me in my ministry I would greatly appreciate the assistance. Again I would like to thank you..."


  • Title: Ministry Letters
  • Author: Norman Lawrence