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Baptist Political Theology

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Baptist ideals like the separation of church and state have indelibly shaped Western democracies, and Baptist thinkers continue to influence public policy and political engagement today. Yet the historical contours, enduring commitments, and current contributions of Baptist political thought are little understood.

Baptist Political Theology, edited by scholars Thomas Kidd, Paul Miller, and Andrew Walker, introduces readers to the full sweep of Baptist engagement with politics. Part 1 introduces key thinkers from the early 17th century to the current day; Part 2 surveys Baptist involvement specifically in American politics; and Part 3 applies Baptist principles to a range of contemporary issues.

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  • Introduces readers to the full sweep of Baptist engagement with politics
  • Examines key thinkers from the early 17th century to the current day
  • Applies Baptist principles to a range of contemporary issues
In Baptist Political Theology Tommy Kidd, Paul Miller, and Andrew Walker bring together leading Baptist scholars who mine the riches of Baptist history and thought to inform our current cultural moment and to answer pressing ethical questions. The chapter titles are as inviting as their authors are impressive, but the content within each chapter is what makes this volume so worthwhile. This book comes with my highest recommendation.

—Jason K. Allen, president, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

No one will ever accuse me of being a Baptist, but I can and do appreciate many of the insights that Baptists have contributed to political theology. This impressive collection brings together many of today’s sharpest Baptist thinkers to reflect on the historical sources of and future challenges to Baptist political thought without papering over the various strengths and weaknesses. It’s a resource for the entire church.”

—Ryan T. Anderson, president, The Ethics and Public Policy Center

Baptist Political Theology offers us a chance to explore ideas that connect Baptist theological orientations to political perspectives. Both political scientists and theologians should welcome this exploration

—George Yancey, professor of social sciences, Baylor University


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    Digital list price: $59.99
    Save $12.00 (20%)