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Books of Esther: Structure, Genre and Textual Integrity

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The Books of Esther applies form-critical tools to Esther’s Septuagint and non-Septuagint (“Lucianic”) Greek texts. Differences in vocabulary, content, and style show that the Greek books of Esther are independent traditions stemming from, and aimed at, two distinct religious communities. The “Lucianic” version appears more personal, orthodox, nationalistic, and Jewish. Its audience is Palestinian, and it intends to foster communal identity. The Septuagint version exudes a more matter-of-fact, reportorial, Hellenistic style, with an eye to tolerance of heretics and audience entertainment. The Masoretic version became canonized because it is the most multivalent of the Esthers, appealing to both religious and secular elements of Judaism.

In the Logos edition of The Books of Esther, all Scripture references link to the original-language texts and the English-language Bibles in your digital library. By employing Logos’ advanced search features, you can find the exact topics, Scripture references, and subjects you’re looking for. Double-clicking any word in any language automatically opens your preferred lexicons and searches for the corresponding entry. That makes the Logos edition of The Books of Esther the most accurate and efficient way to study Esther.

Resource Experts
  • Investigation of Esther’s Greek and Hebrew traditions
  • Bibliographical references and indexes
The most thoroughgoing examination of the Greek and Hebrew texts and wholes, and will notably advance the study of this intriguing book.

Expository Times

  • Title: Books of Esther: Structure, Genre and Textual Integrity
  • Author: Charles V. Dorothy
  • Publisher: Sheffield Academic Press
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Pages: 384

Charles V. Dorothy was an Old Testament scholar. He died in 1996.


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    Digital list price: $34.99
    Save $9.00 (25%)