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A Parsing Guide to the Greek New Testament


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Verse by verse, Nathan E. Han parses every single verb in the Greek New Testament. If you’re putting the Greek text under the microscope, A Parsing Guide to the Greek New Testament, which follows the 25th edition of the Nestle-Aland Greek text, will save you hours of search time. Whether you’re a translator, a student, a minister, a scholar, or an informed layperson, A Parsing Guide will equip you to get the most out of the New Testament in its original form.

The advanced Logos features of this guide give you advantages you’d never have in print. With Logos, you can search through the entire guide, finding every occurance of “βασιλευς” or every “2 aor. pass. infin.” (Second aorist passive infinitive verb), and instantly access the rest of your library with the click of a mouse, pulling up dictionaries and commentaries to see what other scholars have to say about the specific word you’re studying.

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  • All of the New Testament's Greek verbs displayed with their person, number, tense, voice, mood, root, and meaning
  • Words presented in order of New Testament appearance
  • Tools for mastery of Greek verb forms
  • Κατα Μαθθαιον
  • Κατα Μαρκον
  • Κατα Λουκαν
  • Κατα Ιωαννην
  • Πραξεις Αποστολων
  • Προς Ρωμαιους
  • Προς Κορινθιους αʹ
  • Προς Κορινθιους βʹ
  • Προς Γαλατας
  • Προς Εφεσιους
  • Προς Φιλιππησιους
  • Προς Κολοσσαεις
  • Προς Θεσσαλονικεις αʹ
  • Προς Θεσσαλονικεις βʹ
  • Προς Τιμοθεον αʹ
  • Προς Τιμοθεον βʹ
  • Προς Τιτον
  • Προς Φιλημονα
  • Προς Εβραιους
  • Ιακωβου Επιστολη
  • Πετρον αʹ
  • Πετρον βʹ
  • Ιωαννου αʹ
  • Ιωαννου βʹ
  • Ιωαννου γʹ
  • Ιουδα
  • Αποκαλυψις Ιωαννου
  • Summary of Morphology
For many students this book will offer important assistance over an early hurdle every time the Greek New Testament is opened.

—Richard J. Schultz, Concordia Theological Seminary

It should be of great benefit to many generations of students of the Greek New Testament.

—Merrill C. Tenney, Wheaton College

  • Title: A Parsing Guide to the Greek New Testament
  • Author: Nathan E. Han
  • Publisher: Herald Press
  • Publication Date: 1971
  • Pages: 479

Nathan E. Han is a graduate of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary.


5 ratings

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  1. Mark Olayo

    Mark Olayo


    how different is this resource from the way logos just parses? In other words do I need it considering logos already does the parsing?

  2. Jerry Rogers

    Jerry Rogers


  3. Richard Summitt
  4. Manuel Fernández Martín
  5. Marshall Ong

    Marshall Ong


    Took all the Greek classes in seminary twice and some electives in the 1990s. Used this Parsing Guide heavily. Unless you have all the Greek endings memorized and can see how the lemma are changed by added the suffixes and prefixes, you will constantly need to double check your work. I never got to that point. This was a super helpful reference for that. I am re-purchasing this in Logos to help in Greek studies. I believe it is only the verbs that are parsed. I am obviously not a Greek scholar, but unless you are, I think you would really like this in your Greek studies. Highly recommended.

  6. Chris Watson

    Chris Watson




Digital list price: $19.99
Save $4.00 (20%)