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Products>Finding Hope in a Dark Place: Facing Loneliness, Depression, and Anxiety with the Power of Grace

Finding Hope in a Dark Place: Facing Loneliness, Depression, and Anxiety with the Power of Grace

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Finding Hope in a Dark Place

“When you’re in a dark place, it is also a sacred place because God is there with you.”

In this refreshingly candid book, author, life coach, and conference speaker Clarence Shuler shares his own story of depression and how, by God’s grace, he’s learning to effectively manage it. Shuler’s story will help you receive grace in your own struggles.

Joining Clarence is Monique Gadson (affectionately known as “Dr. Mo”), a licensed counselor who helped Clarence escape a very dark place in his life. Learn from Dr. Mo as she offers counseling insights and expertise woven throughout Clarence’s story, bringing clarity and wisdom to anyone desperate for hope. In the “Your Journey” section at the end of each chapter, you will be guided to reflect on your own walk in darkness and find ways back to joy.

Finding Hope in a Dark Place—part memoir, part mentorship, part workbook—will help you recognize your own story in Clarence’s and remind you that hope is possible and worth pursuing. Even in the darkness, God is with you in that sacred space.

Praise for Finding Hope in a Dark Place

Wow, if you’ve ever struggled with depression, anxiety, or mental health issues, you have to read this book! Clarence takes you on a personal and very transparent journey through some of his darkest days. And throughout the book, he invites you into conversations with his counselor, Dr. Mo, which ultimately helped him find hope and light and can do the same for you.

—Jackie Bledsoe, speaker and bestselling author of The Seven Rings of Marriage

Finding Hope in a Dark Place provides a brave, honest, and insightful look at depression through the lens of a man and his therapist friend. In addition to hard-earned wisdom and clinical expertise, Clarence and Dr. Monique have gifted us a beautiful example of how the simple yet often overlooked art of authentic connection brings powerful healing into dark places.

—Alison Cook, author of The Best of You and Boundaries for Your Soul

Clarence Shuler is a godly man who has gained incredible wisdom and insight into depression from years of studying and teaching the Scriptures, counseling others, and from personally applying the word of God to his own heart and mind for decades.

—Stephen Kendrick, Kendrick Brothers Productions; author, The Battle Plan for Prayer

  • Foreword by Gary Chapman
  • Welcome to This Journey
  • Part 1: When You’re in a Dark Place
    • Possible Triggers for a Dark Place
    • How Did I Get Here?
    • Panic Attacks
    • Anxiety
  • Part 2: Finding Hope
    • The Battle for Your Mind
    • Getting Unstuck
    • Grieving and Depression Is There a Difference?
    • Biblical Tips for When You’re in a Dark Place
    • Please Consider the Pain You’ll Cause Those You’ll Leave Behind
  • Part 3: Practicing New Ways of Being
    • Learning to Give Yourself Grace
    • Finding an Effective Counselor
    • Ways the Church Can Help
    • Finding Comfort in Community
    • Every Day Can Be Your Best Day
  • Final Words
  • Title: Finding Hope in a Dark Place: Facing Loneliness, Depression, and Anxiety with the Power of Grace
  • Author: Clarence Shuler with Monique S. Gadson
  • Publisher: Kirkdale Press
  • Publication Date: 2022
  • Pages: 200
  • Format: Logos Digital, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 5.25x8.25
  • ISBN: 9781683596356

Clarence Shuler is president/CEO of BLR: Building Lasting Relationships, a counselor, diversity consultant, speaker, and author of ten books. He and Gary Chapman speak together at The Five Love Languages, Date Night, and Life-Changing Cross-Cultural Friendship events. Clarence and his wife Brenda conduct marriage seminars internationally. They reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and have three adult daughters.

Monique S. Gadson is an assistant professor at Seattle School Of Theology and Psychology, licensed professional counselor, consulting therapist, podcast host, and president of Transforming Visions, LLC providing counseling services.


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    Print list price: $16.99
    Save $5.00 (29%)