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A complete, all-in-one journey through the Bible, accessible to all, The Bible Guide is a remarkable achievement. More than seven years of research, writing, and editing have produced a book that is comprehensive in scope yet easy to read and enjoyable to use. No other Bible guide is so comprehensive in scope and yet so clearly geared to the needs of a lay readership.

Here in one volume is a detailed and illuminating guide to every book of the Bible. Written by one author, the guide has a continuity of approach not found in multi-contributor books. Throughout its colorful pages The Bible Guide explores, explains, and brings to life the history, stories, culture, and message of the world's most influential book. easy to read and practical to use. It makes an excellent gift or addition to one's library.

—Baptists Today, May 2002

For anyone who’s ever wanted to come to grips with the content, meaning and relevance of the books of the Bible, this book is the ideal place to start. Easy to read and practical to use, this is the must-have guide for those who want an effortless introduction that still leaves nothing out.

For each book of the Bible there is a summary of what, in essence, the book is all about and how it fits into the overall themes of the Bible. The main events and characters are set out, along with the well-known stories. Then the book is unpacked with a helpful commentary (for narrative books); or (for non-narrative books) the main significance and cultural backdrop are explored.

Simple, lively, contemporary and thoughtful, it is a wonderful introduction to the Bible for new Christians. It is also a fertile seed-bed of ideas for preachers.

—Rev Dr Paul Beasley-Murray, Baptist pastor and former Principal of Spurgeon’s College

Praise for the Print Edition

In this impressive new book Andrew Knowles has provided a marvellous resource, which I hope many will use. It has my warm commendation.  

—Dr George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury

It is VERY good – an amazing achievement. This is an amazing book. Andrew Knowles has given us a readable and helpful text that opens up the sweeps and stories of the Bible. To have done this for the whole Bible is a momentous achievement. Lion has backed this by presenting the book attractively and imaginatively. They have, if anything, surpassed their usual high standards. 

—Rt Rev Gavin Reid OBE, former Bishop of Maidstone

Andrew Knowles must be a master of disguise! For this erudite canon theologian has written a delightful Bible guide which is truly accessible to all. Simple, lively, contemporary and thoughtful, it is a wonderful introduction to the Bible for new Christians. It is also a fertile seed-bed of ideas for preachers. Like every Lion publication the material is beautifully presented. The book stands head and shoulders above any other comparable Bible guide or commentary and therefore deserves the warmest of welcomes.

—Rev Dr Paul Beasley-Murray, Baptist pastor and former Principal of Spurgeon’s College

I am pleased to commend strongly The Bible Guide. In a culture which has largely lost the Christian story, the Bible Guide is a fantastic resource in making the Bible accessible to those previously unfamiliar with its teaching. 

—Mike Hill

...a brilliant tool for all ages and levels of understanding... It is shot through with gems on every book of the Bible which immediately helps you to grasp the context... The author's writing style is also helpful with each sentence standing on its own, meaning that wherever you start to read you will immediately connect with what is happening. 

Reform, December 2001

Succeeds in providing a unified and accessible, well-illustrated and attractively presented guide, useful both for quick reference and sustained study. 

Methodist Recorder, Margaret Daniels, 14th February 2002

The main attraction of this volume is the fact that it is written by a single author, giving a continuity not found in multi-contributor handbooks. 

Christian Marketplace, Ian Matthews, April 2002

Author's Preface

It was Michael Ramsey, a great archbishop of Canterbury who said, "We must study to be simple." This is what I have tried to do in preparing this companion guide to the Bible.

Many people who need access to the scriptures have little background scholarship or time to read. They are teaching or leading study groups and sometimes require a resource which will quickly give them their bearings and provide some essential information. I hope that my colleagues in ministry—clergy and pastors—will also find this book useful when time for preparation is short and something straightforward and immediate is appropriate.

This book is the product of many hearts and minds and hands. Its roots are in the ministry of my own Bible-class teacher, Gordon Buchanan, who first showed me the labour, reverence and reward of Bible study. It was conceived by a chance remark of my commissioning editor, Becky Winter, late in 1992. It was gestated by the dedicated scholars on whose books and articles I have relied. I have often found myself "on giants' shoulders".


Andrew Knowles
Easter 2001

Product Details

  • Title: The Bible Guide: An all-in-one introduction to the book of books
  • Author: Andrew Knowles
  • Publisher: Lion Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 720

Andrew Knowles studied history and theology at the University of Cambridge and trained for the ministry at St. John's College, Nottingham, England. He has served in a number of parishes and was appointed Canon Theologian at Chelmsford Cathedral in 1998. He is the author of a number of books on Christianity and the Bible.

Consulting Editors are: Dr Stephen Travis (St John's, Nottingham); Rev Dr Christopher Wright, (All Nations , London); Dr John Bimson (Trinity, Bristol); Mike Butterworth (Oak Hill, London); Canon David Winter (author and broadcaster).

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Digital list price: $39.99
Save $9.00 (22%)