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Teaching Grammar in Second Language Classrooms: Integrating Form-Focused Instruction in Communicative Context

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Recent SLA research recognizes the necessity of attention to grammar and demonstrates that form-focused instruction is especially effective when it is incorporated into a meaningful communicative context. Designed specifically for second-language teachers, this text identifies and explores the various options for integrating a focus on grammar and a focus on communication in classroom contexts and offers concrete examples of teaching activities for each option. Each chapter includes a description of the option, its theoretical and empirical background, examples of activities illustrating in a non-technical manner how it can be implemented in the classroom, questions for reflection, and a list of useful resources that teachers can consult for further information.

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  • Provides instructional options for implementing it effectively in second language classrooms
  • Examines the most recent advances in theory and research on communicative grammar instruction
  • Intended for those who are interested in second language learning and its implications for second language teaching
  • The Changing View of Grammar Instruction

Input-based Options in Focus on Grammar

  • Focus on Grammar through Processing Instruction
  • Focus on Grammar through Textual Enhancement
  • Focus on Grammar through Discourse

Interaction- and Output-based Options in Focus on Grammar

  • Focus on Grammar through Interactional Feedback
  • Focus on Grammar through Structured Grammar-Focused Tasks
  • Focus on Grammar through Collaborative Output Tasks

Instructional Contexts and Focus on Grammar

  • The Role of Context in Focus on Grammar
  • Conclusion: Focus on Grammar in L2 Classrooms
This is a concise book of nine chapters nested in three sections. The heart of the book is three chapters dealing with input-based approaches to teaching with a focus on form (FonF), and three chapters with output-orientated FonF. Each of these chapters provides a clear introduction and summary of relevant theoretical positions and up-to-date research findings. The authors write in an accessible non-technical style which should appeal to language teachers.

Stephen H. Moore, System Journal

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    Digital list price: $59.99
    Save $29.00 (48%)

    Gathering interest