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Perspectives on Tithing: Four Views

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Was the tithe just for Israel, or is it also applicable to Christians? Must a tithe go only to your local church, or can it be received by any Christian organization? Do we tithe on the net or the gross amount?

Perspectives on Tithing presents in point-counterpoint format the most common views about how Christians are to give of their financial resources, addressing the myriad of questions that surround the complex issue. Ken Hemphill (Empowering Kingdom Growth) and Bobby Eklund (Eklund Stewardship Ministries) contribute “The Foundations of Giving” while the book’s editor, David A. Croteau (Liberty University), writes “The Post-Tithing View: Giving in the New Covenant.” A chapter by Reggie Kidd (Reformed Theological Seminary) is called “Tithing in the New Covenant? ‘Yes’ as Principle, ‘No’ as Casuistry.” Finally, Gary North (Institute for Christian Economics) looks directly at “The Covenantal Tithe,” and Scott Preissler (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) provides the epilogue.

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  • Explores the opinions of well-learned scholars who have studied this issue profusely
  • Encourages readers to allow the text of Scripture to determine their conclusion on tithing
  • Presents in point-counterpoint format the most common views about how Christians are to give of their financial resources

Part I

  • The Foundations of Giving - Ken Hemphill Bobby Eklund
  • Response - David A. Croteau
  • Response - Gary North
  • Response - Reggie Kidd

Part II

  • The Post-Tithing View - David A Croteau
  • Response Ken Hemphill - Bobby Eklund
  • Response - Reggie Kidd
  • Response - Gary North

Part III

  • Tithing in the New Covenant? - Reggie Kidd
  • Response - Gary North
  • Response - Ken Hemphill Bobby Eklund
  • Response David A. Croteau

Part IV

  • The Covenantal Tithe - Gary North
  • Response - Reggie Kidd
  • Response - David A. Croteau
  • Response - Ken Hemphill Bobby Eklund
  • Excursus - Scott Preissler

Top Highlights

“These challenges to give beyond the tithe are based on the assumption that a believer under grace would never do less than those who had lived under the Mosaic law.” (Page 20)

“As a result, redeemed people who no longer have reason to fear its curses—and in this sense no longer stand ‘under the law’—find the law to serve as a positive aid in their growth in grace, that is to say, in their sanctification (the ‘third use of the law’).” (Page 102)

“Theologically, God’s plan through history is still progressing and His character never changes. All Old Testament laws have eternal principles underlying them, and these principles are sometimes obvious and sometimes not. The underlying eternal principles of the tithe should not be discarded, but the wholesale acceptance of the tithe by many Christians today is misguided.” (Page 80)

“When you come across an issue where great Christian leaders such as John MacArthur and Charles Ryrie hold to one view and Billy Graham and John Piper hold to another, while scholars such as D. A. Carson seem to avoid a direct answer,1 you know you’re in for a challenge in deciphering the complexities of the issues at hand.” (Page 1)

“an Old Testament law is not repeated in the New Testament, then it is repealed” (Page 5)

As a pastor, I prioritize reading that will help me answer my con-gregation's questions in a way that builds their obedience and close-ness to Cod. This book helped me (us) be more informed about the principle of tithing both as a response to scriptural instruction and as a way to worship Him.

Dr. Joel C. Hunter Senior Pastor, Northland — A Church Distributed

When evangelicals in the United States, living in the most prosper-ous global economy, still give less than 3 percent of their income to Christian causes—something is wrong with our understanding of God's mandate for generous giving! It's time to repent of our mate-rialism and greed. This dialogue about the core issue of tithing and its implications for our responsibility to be more generous givers is a timely word about a pressing issue. Written by experienced stewards and scholars, their insights and example will motivate you to consider the biblical, theological, and practical aspects of giving in a fresh way. More than that, implementing their insights will move you—and the people you influence—toward God's ideal of generous giving.

Dr. Jeff Iorg President, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

David's Croteau's work of pooling together the various perspectives regarding the practice of tithing in Christian discipleship is a treasure for the Kingdom. In the sphere of personal stewardship, he's crafted a collection of perspectives that are very much alive in evangelical thought. He demonstrates how the healthy tension of orthodoxy and orthopraxy is vital to the walk of faith. That balance is not easily achieved when each contributor is so passionate about his particular perspective. However, Croteau weaves the mosaic in such a fashion that the pastor/theologian can acquire biblical balance without compromise.

Dr. John L. Yeats Director of Communications for the Louisiana Baptist Convention and Recording Secretary of the Southern Baptist Convention

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