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Products>A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study Theology (Little Books)

A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study Theology (Little Books)

ISBN: 9780830866700
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Whenever we read, think, hear or say anything about God, we are doing theology. Yet theology isn't just a matter of what we think. It affects who we are.

In the tradition of Helmut Thielicke's A Little Exercise for Young Theologians, Kelly Kapic offers a concise introduction to the study of theology for newcomers to the field. He highlights the value and importance of theological study and explains its unique nature as a serious discipline.

Not only concerned with content and method, Kapic explores the skills, attitudes and spiritual practices needed by those who take up the discipline. This brief, clear and lively primer draws out the relevance of theology for Christian life, worship, mission, witness and more.

"Theology is about life," writes Kapic. "It is not a conversation our souls can afford to avoid."

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  • Highlights the value and importance of theological study
  • Explains the unique nature of theology as a serious discipline
  • Offers a concise introduction to the study of theology for newcomers to the field

Part I: Why Study Theology?

  • Entering the Conversation
  • To Know and Enjoy God: Becoming Wise
  • Theology as Pilgrimage

Part II: Characteristics of Faithful Theologians and Theology

  • The Inseparability of Life and Theology
  • Faithful Reason
  • Prayer and Study
  • Humility and Repentance
  • Suffering, Justice, and Knowing God
  • Tradition and Community
  • Love of Scripture

Top Highlights

“In its most fundamental form, Christian theology is an active response to the revelation of God in Jesus Christ, whereby the believer, in the power of the Holy Spirit, subordinate to the testimonies of the prophets and apostles as recorded in the Scriptures and in communion with the saints, wrestles with and rests in the mysteries of God, his work and his world. This is the way of our pilgrimage. This is the path of living to God.” (Page 121)

“Ectypal knowledge is that understanding we have of God by means of his self-revelation, which is most clearly stated in Scripture and has its high point in the incarnation of the Word.” (Page 31)

“Theological reflection is an act of worship, acted out in response to God, and thus it is, as Karl Barth memorably said, ‘a peculiarly beautiful science.’” (Page 120)

“This knowledge is not merely intellectual; it is also passionate, touching both our understanding and affections.” (Page 29)

“since God makes himself known through his Word, we are to cultivate a love for and dependence upon the holy texts” (Page 114)

For many Christians the word theology is synonymous with abstruse, irrelevant and boring. In this jewel of a book, Kelly Kapic shows that theology is really, as the Puritan William Ames said, 'the science of living in the presence of God.' This is a great primer both for new students of theology and for those well practiced in the discipline.

Timothy George, founding dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University and general editor of the Reformation Commentary on Scripture

To study with Kelly Kapic must be serious fun. His joy in teaching theology is infectious; at the same time he is in blood earnest in believing how essential good theology is to shape minds and transform lives for the glory of God. With delightful signposts from the great theologians of the past, A Little Book for New Theologians guides us to a mountain of unending discovery. Here is an ideal starter kit for the beginning theology student and an affection-refresher for those who have been longer on the way.

Sinclair B. Ferguson, professor of systematic theology, Westminster Seminary, Dallas

Kelly Kapic concisely states major characteristics of thinking theologically in this little book. For readers who wish a brief explanation of how the study of God functions with reason, prayer, study, humility and repentance, this is a very good beginning. Utilizing salient insights from Augustine, Calvin, Kierkegaard and major reform theologians, he maps out the territory for understanding that theology is naturally a part of living.

Thomas C. Oden, Emeritus Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Theology, Drew University

  • Title: A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study Theology (Little Books)
  • Author: Kelly M. Kapic
  • Series: Little Books
  • Publisher: IVP Academic
  • Print Publication Date: 2012
  • Logos Release Date: 2018
  • Pages: 126
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Reader Edition
  • Subject: Theology › Study and teaching
  • ISBNs: 9780830866700, 0830866701
  • Resource ID: LLS:9780830866700
  • Resource Type: Monograph
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Kelly M. Kapic, since 2001, has served as an associate professor of theological studies at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA. He is the author, editor, or coeditor of several books, including The Devoted Life: An Invitation to the Puritan Classics.


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    Digital list price: $13.99
    Save $4.00 (28%)