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Grasping and Living God’s Word Collection (4 vols.)



With Grasping God’s Word and Living God’s Word, readers gain insights into all the different genres found in the Bible to help you learn the specifics of how to best approach each one as well how their lives can be integrated into the story of the Bible, thus enabling them to live faithfully in deep and important ways. Featuring a five-step interpretive journey that will help you make sense of any passage in the Bible these books explores the entire Bible through broad themes that trace the progression of God’s redemptive plan. Including companion workbooks for each, thic collection is the ideal resource for anyone looking for a hands-on step-by-step guide that will teach them how to accurately and faithfully interpret the Bible.

This includes the newest volumes Living God’s Word and Workbook. Both the new volume and this collection are scheduled to ship in June 2021.

  • Features explanations, summaries, and observations about theological significance
  • Helps Christians consider how their lives can be integrated into the story of the Bible
  • Applies principles of interpretation to specific genres and contexts
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