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Products>Invitation to Educational Ministry: Foundations of Transformative Christian Education (Invitation to Theological Studies)

Invitation to Educational Ministry: Foundations of Transformative Christian Education (Invitation to Theological Studies)

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Because teaching is at the heart of Christian ministry, the editors of Invitation to Educational Ministry have assembled a team of seasoned experts to present a comprehensive plan of Christian education. This volume will help church staff, parachurch leaders, and small-group teachers become more effective, influential, and creative.

After laying a biblical and practical foundation for Christian education, the contributors provide specific guidance on teaching a variety of individuals and groups, including children, adults, singles, seniors, and non-Christians.

The final section shares valuable insights on leading small groups, teaching innovatively, and overseeing a healthy educational ministry, among other topics. Each chapter is designed to equip educators with the most relevant information, and includes many useful features:

  • Real-life case studies
  • Scriptural support
  • Explanations of key terms and concepts
  • Practical suggestions
  • Resources for additional study
  • Sidebars illustrating best principles and practices
Resource Experts
  • Seeks provide tools for serving in the teaching ministry
  • Provides real-life case studies, biblical support, definitions and concepts, practical application and resources for additional study
  • Presents a group of teachers and ministers who have experience in guiding, teaching and educating in various fields of ministry


  • Why I Love to Teach - Sue Edwards /
  • It’s All Education - George Hillman

What: The Foundation

  • Chapter 2: A Philosophy of Christian Education — Michael S. Lawson
  • Chapter 3: The Heart of Making Disciples — Mark Heinemann
  • Chapter 4: The Influence of Technology on Educational Ministry — John Dyer

Who: The People

  • Chapter 5: Formative: Preschool and Children — Jerry Lawrence
  • Chapter 6: In Between: Adolescents — Jay Sedwick
  • Chapter 7: Overwhelmed: Adults — Sue Edwards
  • Chapter 8: Stressed: Men — Paul Pettit
  • Chapter 9: Undervalued: Women — Sue Edwards
  • Chapter 10: Under Attack: Families and Marriages — Michael S. Lawson
  • Chapter 11: Invisible: Single Adults — Joye Baker
  • Chapter 12: Forgotten: Senior Adults — Sabrina Hopson
  • Chapter 13: Overlooked: The Disabled — Mike Justice
  • Chapter 14: Curious: Not Yet Christians — A. J. Rinaldi

How: The Process

  • Chapter 15: Facilitating Transformative Small Groups — Joye Baker
  • Chapter 16: Creativity in Educational Ministry — Karen Giesen
  • Chapter 17: Mentoring the Next Generation — Barbara Neumann
  • Chapter 18: Utilizing Retreats, Camping, and Outdoor Ministries — Dan Bolin
  • Chapter 19: Administering a Healthy Educational Ministry — Jim Thames
  • Chapter 20: Educational Ministry in the Smaller Church — Lin McLaughlin
  • Chapter 21: Putting It All Together: The Educational Cycle — George M. Hillman, Jr.

Top Highlights

“Old Testament education builds on a ‘come and see’ approach.” (Page 55)

“Each generation of church leaders faces the same question, ‘How do we fulfill the teaching responsibility in our church?’” (Page 55)

“Expect Many Women, More Than Men, to Desire Affiliation with the Teacher and Peers” (Page 226)

“Christian Administration Depends on and Glorifies God” (Page 429)

“First, conversion happens when lost people hear the gospel and trust in Jesus Christ to pay for their sins. Second, sanctification begins as the convert learns the basics of the Christian faith in a nurturing environment. Third, discipleship deepens as maturing disciples exercise their gifts in an ongoing commitment to become more like Christ. And fourth, mature disciples disciple others as they take responsibilities for different aspects of ministry.” (Page 164)

Invaluable! To have a handbook that is this ministry-friendly and up-to-date is truly a gift to those who desire to lead church education programs that honor God. Many textbooks disappear when the class ends, but this one will become a dog-eared part of the practitioner’s library. Along with the expected topics, subjects like pornography, celibacy, infertility, and reductional stereotypes are covered. Additional resources are suggested. A unique extra: As students study the chapters by leaders in their fields, they become acquainted with these authors through glimpses into their lives and ministries. These stories help bring this textbook to life.

—Marlene LeFever, Author of Creative Teaching Methods

If you want to be increasingly effective in teaching the Scriptures, then this book is for you. Dr. Hillman and Dr. Edwards have assembled a dream team of great teachers, mentors, and coaches. If this doesn’t light your fire to improve as a teacher, then your wood is wet! This is a compelling invitation to become the teacher God created you to be.

—Dr. Dennis Rainey, Cofounder of FamilyLife

Nicely done! This introductory text on the church’s teaching ministry is written by scholarpractitioners who are passionate about helping others grow spiritually. Their love for people, and for helping them learn and apply Scripture to their lives, shines through in what they share. I love the scope of the book, including chapters on ministry with people of all ages and stages of life, those with disabilities, and seekers. The book addresses a range of ministry models and approaches, helping readers think more creatively about a variety of ways available to help people learn and grow. This book will stretch your vision. The discussion questions at the end of each chapter are a helpful addition both for teaching and reflecting on together with colleagues in ministry.

—Dr. Kevin E. Lawson, Professor of Educational Studies, Talbot School of Theology of Biola University

  • Title: Invitation to Educational Ministry: Foundations of Transformative Christian Education
  • Authors: George M. Hillman Jr., Sue G. Edwards
  • Series: Invitation to Theological Studies Series
  • Publisher: Kregel
  • Print Publication Date: 2018
  • Logos Release Date: 2021
  • Pages: 524
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Christian education
  • ISBNs: 9780825444449, 0825444446
  • Resource Type: Monograph
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