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Our Legacy: The History of Christian Doctrine
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Our Legacy: The History of Christian Doctrine


NavPress 2001

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As many of us can attest, Christians don’t always know exactly what they believe or why they believe it. And, according to John Hannah, Christianity that is divorced from its theological history is mere morality, not the vibrant, biblical faith that changes hearts and lives. Theology doesn’t just provide us with insights about God; it provides the foundation from which we respond appropriately to God.

Why does theology matter? An accurate comprehension of theology keeps us from confusing popular opinion with truth. It helps us distinguish between what is transient and what is eternal. It guards us from being deceived by things that have the appearance of wisdom but are not of God. And knowledge of the history of doctrine reminds us of the ultimate triumph of God and his people—in spite of the protestations of the world around us to the contrary.

What you believe does matter. As you explore the truths in this book, you will discover that theology is not just a collection of information about God but, rather, a rich legacy. It is your legacy.

This book is not a collection of dry and dusty theories, nor a debate about the hair-splitting and minutia that so often divide us. Instead, it is an exploration and explanation of the essential truths of the Christian faith—truths that determine how we live our lives every day. It is a call to the church to again make God our number-one priority.

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Key Features

  • Addresses the historical foundations of Christian theology
  • Discusses seven key theological themes for the new century: authority, God, the person of Christ, the work of Christ, salvation, the church, and the end times
  • Maintains a conversational yet authoritative tone
  • Speaks to pastors, Christian workers, and an informed laity


  • Introduction: Historical Christian Doctrine in the New Century
  • Authority: Where to Go for Truth
  • The Trinity: God as Three-in-One
  • The Person of Christ: Meet the God-Man
  • The Work of Christ: What the Cross Means for Us
  • Salvation: A Story of Sin and Grace
  • The Church: God’s Gathered Community
  • The End Times: Fulfillment of Our Blessed Hope
  • Conclusion: What’s Most Important

Praise for the Print Edition

This overview of seven key theological themes is both wise and evenhanded. The author deals with conflicts in church history with an irenic spirit that will make the book particularly useful for thoughtful evangelicals. Pastors and other church leaders finally have a readable, learned, and clear volume on the history of Christian theology which is fully aware of both the modern condition and the importance of substantive historical debates. Highly recommended!

John H. Armstrong, president, ACT 3

We can thank Dr. Hannah for helping us understand our spiritual roots! This readable book will remind us that Christ’s church is greater than any denomination. We have a great need for the perspective this book gives us.

Erwin W. Lutzer, senior pastor, The Moody Church

Our Legacy provides an easy-to-read road map through two thousand years of Christian theology. By organizing his material doctrine-by-doctrine rather than chronologically, Dr Hannah puts centuries of thought at the readers’ fingertips. This book clarifies the flow of ideas of both the heroes and the heretics of our history in a way that engages the reader in their struggle. We need this engagement as the struggle for truth continues to rage as fiercely today as at any time in history!

—Jim Petersen, associate to the general editor, The Navigators

Product Details

  • Title: Our Legacy: The History of Christian Doctrine
  • Author: John Hannah
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 400

About John Hannah

John Hannah serves as distinguished professor of historical theology and research professor of theological studies at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas. He holds a BS from Philadelphia College of Bible, an MA from Southern Methodist University, ThM and ThD degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a PhD from the University of Texas at Dallas, and he has received a postdoctoral fellowship in American Studies at Yale University.

Hannah has written extensively for journals including Bibliotheca Sacra, Discipleship Journal, Modern Reformation, and Trinity Journal. His books include The Glory of God Alone, The Pictorial Guide to Church History, The Kregel Guide to Ancient Church History, The Kregel Guide to Medieval Church History, and The Kregel Guide to Reformation Church History. Hannah is a frequent conference and church speaker both in the United States and abroad.

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