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Products>Teaching Daniel: From Text to Message (Teaching the Bible)

Teaching Daniel: From Text to Message (Teaching the Bible)

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This useful resource, alongside the others in this growing Teaching the Bible Series, is for those who have the privilege and joy of teaching or preaching a particular book or theme from the Bible. Whether you’re a leader of a small group, preacher or a youth worker, it will help you to communicate the message of Daniel.

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“God rules, is building an everlasting Kingdom, and calls people to live in light of that fact.” (Page 23)

“The conflict / oppression God’s people face is a direct consequence of living distinctively in the world. Oppression ranges from pressure to conform to worldly thinking and behaviour, through to direct hostility and persecution.” (Page 27)

“an encouragement to consistent, faithful, distinctive living, knowing that God rules and is building His Kingdom” (Pages 33–34)

“how God’s people are to live in light of the fact that He rules” (Page 192)

“In light of the fact that God rules, God expects His people to live distinctively, showing their allegiance to Him. There are times when that requires a bold and courageous stand.” (Page 147)


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