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The Apocalypse of St. John

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H. B. Swete's classic commentary on the Greek version of The Apocalypse of St John. Contains extensive verse-by-verse exegetical commentary, as well as multiple dissertations on various subjects relating to the Apocalypse.

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“A large proportion of this imagery is drawn, as a previous section will have shewn, from the Old Testament. Places” (Page cxxvii)

“The literature of the Apocalypse is immense, but it is unequally distributed in regard both to time and to place of origin. From the Greek-speaking East, which produced the book, no exposition has reached us which is earlier than the sixth century, and none of any importance which is later than the tenth. The West, on the other hand, began to comment upon St John’s prophecy in the time of Diocletian, and has occupied itself with Apocalyptic problems from the days of Irenaeus to our own.” (Page cxciii)

“Patience and unremitting toil in His cause are not all that Christ requires, and indeed are of little value, if the spirit of love is absent. But at Ephesus love was waning, perhaps as the result of the controversies through which the Church had passed.” (Page 26)

“Early Christian tradition is practically unanimous in assigning the Apocalypse to the last years of Domitian.” (Page xcv)

“Like Thyatira, it was famous for its woollen manufactures and dyeing industry” (Page 47)

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  • Title: The Apocalypse of St. John
  • Author: H. B. Swete
  • Publisher: Logos Research Systems, Inc.
  • Publication Date: 1911
  • Pages: 330

Henry Barclay Swete (1835–1917) was an Anglican clergyman and noted biblical scholar who published works on the Old and New Testaments, as well as on Christian doctrine. He was ordained in 1838 and became a theological lecturer and tutor at Caius College in 1869. He then served as professor of pastoral theology at King’s College, London, and later became regius professor of divinity at Cambridge in 1890. He received an honorary doctorate of divinity from the University of Glasgow in 1901.


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Print list price: $16.95
Save $4.46 (26%)