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40 Questions about The Great Commission (40 Questions Series)

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Jesus' Great Commission is one of the key pillars of the church's evangelistic work and has been the guiding principle for missionaries throughout church history. In 40 Questions about the Great Commission, scholars Daniel Akin, Benjamin Merkle, and George Robinson unpack the meaning, history, theology, and practical applications of Jesus' command to go and make disciples. Ideal for personal or group study, this volume will reignite your passion for evangelism while answering key questions like: Where do we stand in relation to fulfilling the Great Commission?How do baptism and teaching relate to the Great Commission?What is the meaning of "I am with you always, to the end of the age"?How does the Old Testament relate to the Great Commission?What is the special contribution of each Gospel's version of the Great Commission?What is the responsibility of the local church to the Great Commission?What are some mobilization resources that can help churches and individuals to become Great Commission focused? Other highlights include an overview of some of the great evangelists and missionaries in church history, and a collection of notable quotations on the Great Commission, ideal for teaching and preaching.

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“ In a commission, one is sent with another’s authority to fulfill a task or mission.” (Page 19)

“First, Jesus’s words are not a declaration or a suggestion, because Jesus commands his disciples with the authority of the Creator and Sovereign Lord.” (Page 19)

“In order to cover their nakedness they would have to return and repeat this process again and again. This is why we believe that this sewing project is the first instance of manmade vain religion.” (Page 212)

“The second Adam would replace the ever-wilting insufficient fig leaves of our vain self-help religion with his all-sufficient atoning sacrifice.” (Pages 213–214)

“With his final words, Jesus sends out his disciples to participate in God’s mission with his authority and with the power of the Holy Spirit.” (Page 19)


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