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John Stott Sermon Archive

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Obtain over 600 timely sermons spanning five decades from one of the most influential leaders in the modern Evangelical movement. Compiled from the 1960s through the 2000s, John Stott brings his wealth of experience and deep scriptural reflections into these sermons. Always biblically rooted and eminently practical, Stott was renowned for his ability to make complex ideas understandable to the average lay person. In this collection of audio sermons, you have access to some of his most insightful preaching and biblical exegesis from his illustrious career, as well as transcripts of each sermon, exclusive to Logos.

  • Contains more than 600 audio sermons from John Stott
  • Explores a host of modern issues from a biblical perspective
  • Draws from five decades of Stott’s experience as a minister and intellectual
  • Features transcripts of every sermon, exclusive to Logos
  • Title: John Stott Sermon Archive
  • Author: John Stott
  • Publisher: Faithlife Corporation
  • Print Publication Date: 2023
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 2
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Resource ID: {D8F62D41-8FD0-4019-BBF9-4F6B4BE0A694}
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2024-01-02T15:48:56Z


4 ratings

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  1. Rev. Dr. David A. Williams
  2. Xavier Trejo

    Xavier Trejo


  3. Ian Blacker

    Ian Blacker


    I bought this new John Stott series, because I love the way that JS writes, and that he can make complex Biblical truth understandable to anyone. He was a great preacher and teacher, and marvelous public servant whom even American presidents sought advice from. Yet despite the promise inherent in anything that JS writes, as I have read through numerous sermons, one disappointment stands above the greatness of his collected works. That is this: the publication is very poorly done. I assume that the works were digitized and not edited by human eyes, as there are so many spelling and grammatical errors that can only come from electronic articulation and interpretation of a work. It is disturbing to read these works and have to think hard about what word is really meant, other than that is printed. I would trust that Logos will re-visit this great work, and humanly re-edit it so that it can fulfill its inherent promise. Ian T. Blacker.
  4. mario chocoj

    mario chocoj


    Having problems finding in library, did search in both books and audio, any suggestions?
  5. Michael Fordham

    Michael Fordham


    Downloaded this today. The quality of the transcription is awful, and I don't mean it fills me with awe. It has clearly been transcribed by a computer, which is fine, but equally clear is that it has either not been checked at all, or the person(s) who checked it have done a terrible job. It is full of mistakes, both in spelling and accuracy of what John actually said. I began reporting the typo's, but there are too many. For the money paid, I expect much better. My 2-star rating is based on that and not on John's sermons.
  6. Zane Day

    Zane Day


    Having problems finding in library, did search in both books and audio, any suggestions?
  7. Larry Craig

    Larry Craig


    So will the transcripts appear like regular books, like the regular sermon archives of, say, Keller or Piper?
  8. The Mangolorian
    is this audio AND text?


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