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The New Testament Commentary Guide: A Brief Handbook for Students and Pastors

ISBN: 9781683594178


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New Testament Commentary Guide

An indispensable map to the often intimidating world of biblical commentaries.

For many beginning students of the New Testament, looking for a commentary seems like a simple process: identify the book you’re studying, search for a commentary, and pick one. However, the reality is far from simple. With new commentaries being published every year on every book of the Bible, the student of Scripture can quickly become overwhelmed with an inexhaustible amount of resources. What is the student to do?

In this short, accessible resource, Nijay Gupta helps beginning Bible students understand the various available commentaries—their strengths, unique contributions, and ultimately, how to use them. Through The New Testament Commentary Guide, readers will understand how to incorporate commentaries into their learning and be enriched in their study of the Bible.

Praise for The New Testament Commentary Guide

Gupta provides fair, judicious, audience-appropriate, and helpful advice regarding each series, commentary, biblical book, and level. He explains his rationale in a way that even the beginning student can grasp, yet with the wisdom of a discerning scholar who has extensive experience with commentaries.

–Craig S. Keener, F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary

With new commentaries being published at the current rate, it’s difficult to find an up-to-date overview of this wide array of resources. Yet pastors, students, and scholars could use just such a timely guide. Enter Nijay Gupta’s New Testament Commentary Guide. Gupta provides a brief and balanced introduction to the commentary types and series before providing a book-by-book set of recommendations. Easy to read and use, this slim volume is a must for anyone interested in studying the New Testament.

–Jeannine K. Brown, professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary

When it comes to the New Testament, there are so many commentaries and they are all so different! Which ones are for scholars and which ones are for preachers? Thankfully, Nijay Gupta comes to our aid to give us a tour of the various commentary series. He points out their specific focus and gives us a wise list of recommended commentaries for every New Testament book. Great for students writing exegetical essays and for pastors wanting to be in the know about the best preaching tools.

–Michael F. Bird (PhD, University of Queensland) is academic dean and lecturer in theology at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia

This is such a needed resource and so beautifully done! Typical of Nijay Gupta's style, it is easy to read, practically oriented, and marked by generous wisdom. I highly recommend this!

–Jonathan T. Pennington, professor of New Testament and director of research doctoral studies at Southern Seminary

In this volume, Nijay Gupta again shows his passion for providing accessible resources for all students of the Bible. Yes, it’s a bibliography of commentaries, but it is so much more. With helpful descriptions and suggestions of the most useful resources at all levels for the person who can only invest in one, this book invites readers into engaging further with the scholarship on each New Testament book. But the priceless sections come at the end, with a collated list of commentaries by women scholars and people of color, instantly aiding professors and students seeking to diversify their libraries, as well as a quick guide summarizing the highlights and suggestions of German and French commentaries. I don’t think I could have imagined enjoying a bibliography so much!

–Mariam Kamell Kovalishyn, assistant professor of New Testament studies, Regent College

Top Highlights

“is to look at commentaries published in 1980 or more recently.” (Page 3)

“First, make sure you look at not just the exegetical and theological opinions of the commentary writer but especially their evidence.” (Page 5)

“Craig Keener’s NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible” (Page 9)

“The New Interpreter’s One Volume Commentary and The IVP Bible Background Commentary.” (Page 7)

“Secondly, use commentaries to broaden your horizons” (Page 5)

  • Title: The New Testament Commentary Guide: A Brief Handbook for Students and Pastors
  • Author: Nijay Gupta
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • Pages: 120
  • Format: Logos Digital, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 6x7
  • ISBN: 9781683594178

Nijay K. Gupta (PhD, University of Durham) is Associate Professor of New Testament at Portland Seminary, George Fox University, Oregon, and author of Worship that Makes Sense to Paul: A New Approach to the Theology and Ethics of Paul’s Cultic Metaphors (BZNW 175; Berlin: de Gruyter, 2010), Colossians (Smyth & Helwys Biblical Commentary; Macon: Helwys, 2013), and 1-2 Thessalonians (New Covenant Commentary Series; Eugene: Wipf & Stock, 2016). He is co-editor of The State of New Testament Studies (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2019), and co-editor of a planned second edition of the Dictionary of Paul and His Letters (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press).


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Print list price: $18.99
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