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2000 Years of Christ’s Power, Volume 1: The Age of the Early Church Fathers

ISBN: 9781781917787


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Every generation has an uncanny tendency to view themselves as more enlightened than those that have gone before. The Church certainly has made mistakes all through history—and yet, no insights which we possess would be possible without the efforts, and even some of the mistakes, of our ancestors. The first volume of 2,000 Years of Christ’s Power covers the period from the 1st Century AD to the start of the Middle Ages. From the works of Saint Augustine of Hippo to the first apologetic ever penned, this time in history established the foundations of what we take for granted today.

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“The pattern of church leadership that emerged after the apostolic age was a threefold ministry of bishop, presbyters and deacons.” (Page 67)

“According to Docetism, Jesus Christ was not a true human being. Christ only seemed to be a man; in fact, He was a purely heavenly being, who could not have had any real contact with the inferior world of flesh.” (Page 71)

“Montanism was the first manifestation of a particular form of Christianity which has appeared several times in the course of Church history; today it would be called ‘Pentecostal’ or ‘charismatic’.” (Pages 114–115)

“The first Christian to write in defence of war was Athanasius,14 the great 4th century bishop of Alexandria, who wrote that ‘it is lawful and praiseworthy to destroy an enemy’ in a ‘just war’ (usually a war of national self-defence against invasion).” (Page 83)

“(Arius’s view of Christ is almost identical to what Jehovah’s Witnesses believe.” (Page 220)

Nick Needham is a Church History lecturer at Highland Theological College in Dingwall. Previous to this, he taught Systematic Theology at the Scottish Baptist College in Glasgow. From 2004 to 2021, he was the minister of Inverness Reformed Baptist church. He is author of the highly collectable 2,000 Years of Christ’s Power series.


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Digital list price: $29.99
Save $6.00 (20%)