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Products>A Concise Dictionary of Bible Origins & Interpretation

A Concise Dictionary of Bible Origins & Interpretation

, 2006
ISBN: 0567030962

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Concise, convenient and comprehensive: this handy dictionary will inform and enlighten all who want to understand how the Bible came together, the history of the various texts behind it, the versions in which it has appeared, the process of editing and compilation, and the different methods of interpretation that have developed over the centuries. Much of this material can be found in larger reference works and commentaries, but most students and lay people find that most of these books are written by scholars for scholars, which means the reader can feel bogged down in too much technical detail. Informed by the latest advances in biblical scholarship, this handy dictionary provides the reader with concise, manageable information on all the key issues and topics. It will be especially helpful to students of religion and related subjects, as well as to religious educators in schools, colleges and churches of all denominations.

Resource Experts
  • Examines different methods of interpretation that have developed over the centuries
  • Explores the history of the English Bible
  • Addresses the production, compilation, and recognition of biblical manuscripts
This work is very comprehensive dictionary of ancient and modern scholars, manuscripts, translations, versions, types of analyses and scholarly terms related to the origin, and study of the Bible. It is a good home reference work for anyone studying the Bible...There is an extensive and appropriate bibliography.

—Robert T. Anderson, American Reference Books Annual, 2008

One of the strengths of this dictionary is its discussion of technical matters related to the biblical text and textual criticism. As such it will be of value to any student who is starting his or her theological studies...By way of conclusion, I do not think the dictionary does justices to its title: A Concise Dictionary of Bible Origins and Interpretation...much of what it offers is useful and interesting. I think that this dictionary should be helpful for a beginning student who is not familiar with the technical terms related to textual aspects of biblical criticism or perhaps the different Bible translations. The bibliography at the end, with suggestions for extra reading, is also valuable.

—Jan G. van deer Watt, Review of Biblical Literature, October 2008

This dictionary is a convenient one-stop shop for anyone wanting to know how the Bible came together and how it has been interpreted since... a handy reference work that any serious Bible scholar would want on their shelves.

—David Dewey, Baptist Times

Alec Gilmore is a Baptist minister in the UK with a lifetime’s experience in pastoral work, lay training and adult education. His most recent books are Preaching as Theatre (SCM), Aid Matters (SCM) and A Dictionary of Bible Origins (SAP/Continuum).


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    Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


    Regular price: $19.99
    Save $5.00 (25%)