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There's A Great Day Coming
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There's A Great Day Coming


James L. Fleming 2005

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Excerpts: "Many people tell us that there is a great day coming to this old troubled world. Preachers proclaim a future era of peace on earth that is to last one thousand years. During this millennium when Christ comes again, we are told that war will be no more; that crime will cease and disease will be conquered while people live with an abundance of physical comfort in the midst of unparalleled bliss. The animals will be tame during this period and nothing will disturb or disrupt the tranquility of nature."

"I challenge anyone to follow these references of “Comparing Scripture with Scripture.” If you follow this method you will make the amazing but simple discovery that every prophecy in the Old Testament, including Isaiah 11 and 35, invariably and without exception, will point you to the gospel. Jesus Christ did not interpret these passages the way present day millennialists do. He insisted on their application to His mission and His message. Can we do less? The question asked is, “What is the millennium REALLY like? The answer depends on whether you interpret the Bible according to the millennialists, or whether you seek the answer from Christ and the gospels. Christ does give us the answer. It is His gospel. He says so Himself. That is final so far as the church is concerned. "God hath spoken . . . in His Son." Heb. 1:1-2."

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  • Chapter 1 There's a Great Day Coming!
  • Chapter 2 How Long is a Thousand Years?
  • Chapter 3 Who are the "144,000?"
  • Chapter 4 The New Jerusalem

Product Details

  • Title: There's A Great Day Coming
  • Author: Henry C. Heffren
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet

About Henry C. Heffren

Henry C. Heffren is also the author of Five Smooth Stones, The Mission of the Messiah, and The Glory of Israel.

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