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Isaiah by the Day: A New Devotional Translation

ISBN: 9781845506544
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Alec Motyer was a man who loved the Word of God and was passionate about the Old Testament. These daily devotionals from Isaiah were born of a lifetime of study. For him daily devotion was not a duty but came from a real desire to be transformed by the challenging word of God as given to the prophet Isaiah. These devotionals reassure us that the Lord can restore what sin has robbed us of. Day by day you will read freshly translated passages from Isaiah and have an opportunity to explore the passage further through the author’s notes and devotional comments. Take time to acquaint yourself with these passages from God’s Word and treasure them in your heart and life.

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“Yet Isaiah’s own experience (6:7) was of the holy God reaching out to save a sinner. Would this gracious salvation operate also on a national level? Looking first at Judah, the kingdom of David (7:1–9:7) and then at Israel (9:8–11:16), the breakaway kingdom of the north (1 Kings 12), Isaiah preaches the same fourfold message to each: each had a moment of decision (7:1–17; 9:8–10:4); in each kingdom refusal of the Lord’s Word would bring his judgment (7:18–8:8; 10:5–15). A ‘remnant’ would be saved (8:9–22; 10:15–34) and, out in the future, lay a stupendous royal hope, the coming messianic King (9:1–7; 11:1–16).” (Page 44)

“But slowly and surely they forgot what the sacrifices were actually for, and what manner of people they should be if they desired to lift up hands and voices to God. The habit had become all-important. They loved religion but they did not shun sin; they prayed but they did not bother about sin and holiness.” (Page 15)

“There’s a war on, but, says Isaiah, in this war it is strictly unnatural for the Christian to choose the way of sin and leave the path of privilege. Look at the beasts. The ox naturally turns to its owner, and the donkey naturally eats its owner’s food. It is living according to its true nature. So what about us? Which nature do we choose to make dominant? Which master do we love to be with? What food are we nourishing ourselves on? Where are we turning for shelter and vitality? One further thought: Proverbs 14:34 relates righteousness and national prosperity, sin and public shame. How does Isaiah see this working out in his people? Is it relevant today?” (Page 12)

J. Alec Motyer (1924–2016) was a renowned Old Testament pastor and scholar. With extensive experience in parish ministry, he was principal of Trinity College in Bristol, England, and was well known as a Bible expositor. His books include The Prophecy of Isaiah, and he was the Old Testament editor of The Bible Speaks Today commentary series.


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    Digital list price: $23.99
    Save $5.00 (20%)