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The Miracle and Power of Blessing

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This resource speaks on the miracle and power of blessing and the wonderful things God can do in the form of blessings. "This book has been born out of a desire to share the Good News. Bless you as you read it."—Maurice Berquist

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  • Chapter 1 - It is Not Magic After All
  • Chapter 2 - Sinai May Not Be So Far from Deland, Florida
  • Chapter 3 - What Does It Mean to Bless?
  • Chapter 4 - A Short Course in Cursing and Blessing
  • Chapter 5 - What Happens When You Enter the Blessing Life?
  • Chapter 6 - First Lessons in God Watching
  • Chapter 7 - More Lessons in God Watching
  • Chapter 8 - A Little Story Abour Fence Posts and Telephone Lines
  • Chapter 9 - Learning How to Bless Ourselves
  • Chapter 10 - A Few Thoughts About Winking in the Dark
  • Chapter 11 - A Beginner's Manual of Self-Blessing
  • Chapter 12 - Living the Blessing Life
  • Chapter 13 - Bless the Kawasakis and the Hondas

Product Details

  • Title: The Miracle and Power of Blessing
  • Author: Maurice Berquist
  • Publisher: Warner Press

About Maurice Berquist

Maurice Berquist is also the author of David's Song, Ephesians: A Map to Your Incredible Future, and The Promise of Immunity.