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Introduction to New Testament Greek

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This comprehensive teaching series combines all the content of the popular three-video tape, audio tape, and workbook Teaching Series I from Original Word.

Listen to the Greek word pronunciations. Follow along in the student workbook while you view the video course. Click to hear the audio, watch and listen to step-by-step video instructions, or go to the actual Greek text or Greek lexicons and reference books in your existing digital library.

This instructive resource is designed to teach you New Testament Greek from scratch—no prior experience is necessary. You can learn New Testament Greek at your own pace simply and effectively. This resource contains all the material you’ll need to learn New Testament Greek.

Dr. Charles D. Goodwin will lead you to your discovery of the treasures of the ancient Biblical text. He is an experienced author, Greek teacher, and lecturer who uses a clear, concise, hands-on approach to teaching. The combination of Charlie Goodwin’s straight-forward style and the dynamic “Inductive Method” of teaching help you learn Greek in a natural way, similar to the way you learned your first language.

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Resource Experts
  • Step-by-step and easy to follow lessons
  • Teaches the necessary skills to be able to read and understand the original text of the New Testament
  • Study questions at the end of each segment
  • Title: Introduction to New Testament Greek
  • Authors: Charles D. Goodwin and W. David McBrayer
  • Publisher: Original Word
  • Publication Date: 1997–1998
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Charles D. Goodwin serves as an adjunct professor of New Testament Greek at Luther Rice Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia.


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Start the year strong with Logos!


Regular price: $79.99
Save $28.00 (35%)