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Products>In the Presence of My Enemies: Psalms 25–37

In the Presence of My Enemies: Psalms 25–37

ISBN: 9781527104792
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The Psalms can be very helpful, but they can also be hard. Following on from The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life and Slogging Along the Paths of Righteousness, Dale Ralph Davis delves into Psalms 25 to 37. Using his own recognisable humour and razor–sharp observations these expositions help us to engage with the conflict in these twelve psalms.

Resource Experts
  • Presents expositions for Psalms 25–37
  • Includes Davis’ own translations
  • Provides clear application for daily life

Top Highlights

“the first is for the relief of God’s deliverance (vv. 1–3).” (Page 16)

“The same principle is at work in our text. David is saying you must take the long view; you must let ‘last things’ determine how you live in the present.” (Page 207)

“Another provision consists of assurance and friendship (vv. 12–14). This provision is for the man who ‘fears Yahweh’ (v. 12) and, in the plural, for ‘those fearing him’ (v. 14). When the OT text mentions ‘fearing Yahweh’ one often hears a follow-up like: ‘Now that doesn’t mean being afraid of the Lord’; then someone might add, ‘It’s an OT way of expressing trust in the Lord.’ A nice way of emasculating the idea, as if there is a fear without fear. No, I’m not saying it’s an equivalent to craven terror, but texts like Psalm 119:120; Jeremiah 5:22, and Malachi 2:5 ought to keep us from draining all the knee-knocking out of it.4 If it connotes trust we must always remember it is a trembling trust.” (Pages 21–22)

“The first area of provision has to do with direction and forgiveness (vv. 8–11).” (Page 19)

“He wants to stretch our faith to take in the infinite dimensions of Yahweh’s unchanging love and goodness. That’s the purpose of verses 5–6, beginning, as they do, with ‘Yahweh’ as the first word and ending with ‘Yahweh’ as the last word. And it is so delightfully refreshing—He has taken us out of the dark hole where the wicked is scheming (vv. 1–4) into the limitless spaces of unchanging love.” (Page 191)

This accessible but profound study of the Psalms has warmed my heart and made me thankful again for the greater gift of Christ our King. There is gold on every page and comfort in each chapter. Once again we are all in Dale Ralph Davis’ debt for his scholarship presented with humility and his ministry fulfilled so faithfully.

—David Gibson, Assistant Minister, High Church, Hilton, Aberdeen

It is Ralph Davis at his best. Brilliant exposition punctuated by apt historical illustrations, pertinent quotations, home spun stories, personal honesty and delicious use of language.

—David Carmichael, Minister, Abbeygreen Church, Lesmahagow, Scotland

The treasure of this book is the way Dr. Davis skillfully walks his readers through the ancient words and literary styles of these Psalms into a grander view of the covenant–keeping God and a fuller understanding of his care for His people.

—Emily Woodard, Director of Women’s Ministry, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

Dale Ralph Davis is a minister in residence at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina. Prior to that, he was a professor of Old Testament at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi, as well as pastor of Woodland Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He is the author of numerous commentaries, including those on Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings and 2 Kings.


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