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Evangelical Theology Video Lectures


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Evangelical Theology Video Lectures, a companion to the textbook Evangelical Theology by Michael Bird, presents a unique approach to systematic theology that contends that the center, unity, and boundary of the evangelical faith is the evangel, or gospel, as opposed to doctrines like justification by faith or inerrancy.

The evangel is the unifying thread in evangelical theology and the theological hermeneutic through which the various loci of theology need to be understood. Thus, these lectures present an approach to Christian theology that begins with the gospel and sees each area of doctrine through the lens of the gospel.

An antidote to presentations of theology that are dry and cerebral, Evangelical Theology Video Lectures is filled with vibrant illustrations and Bird’s distinctive sense of humor that will keep viewers engaged as they learn the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith.

In short, these lectures present a truly evangelical theology, one focused on performing and living out the gospel in the theatre of Christian life, and represent an ideal way for beginning students and laypeople to explore theology.

Get the full experience when you partner this excellent video course with Evangelical Theology: A Biblical and Systematic Introduction

  • Presents a unique approach to systematic theology
  • Contends that the gospel is the center the evangelical faith
  • Focuses on performing and living out the gospel in the theatre of Christian life
  • What is Theology? (15 min)
  • What Do You Have to Say before You Say Anything? (15 min)
  • What Is the Gospel? (19 min)
  • The Necessity and Goal of Theology (17 min)
  • Is Theology Possible? (18 min)
  • Sources for Theology (18 min)
  • Toward a Gospel-Driven Theological Method (11 min)
  • God and the Gospel (12 min)
  • Getting an Affinity for the Trinity (19 min)
  • What Is God Like? (17 min)
  • The God Who Creates (15 min)
  • The God Who Reveals Himself (17 min)
  • God’s Purpose and Plan (17 min)
  • Gospel and Kingdom (13 min)
  • Apocalypse Now . . . and Not Yet! (19 min)
  • The Return of Jesus Christ (16 min)
  • Millennium and Tribulation (19 min)
  • The Final Judgment (15 min)
  • The Intermediate State: What Happens When You Die? (16 min)
  • The Final State: Heaven, Hell, and New Creation (14 min)
  • The Gospel of God’s Son and the Christological Method (17 min)
  • The Life of Jesus (16 min)
  • The Death of Jesus (17 min)
  • The Resurrection of Jesus (17 min)
  • The Ascension and Session of Jesus (12 min)
  • The Story of Jesus and the Identity of God (16 min)
  • Saved by the Gospel (13 min)
  • Redemptive History: The Plan for the Gospel (17 min)
  • Order of Salvation: The Logical Working of the Gospel (15 min)
  • Images of Salvation: The Result of the Gospel (22 min)
  • Scope and Security: How Wide and How Certain a Salvation? (17 min)
  • God’s Spirit: The Breath of the Gospel (13 min)
  • Person of the Holy Spirit (17 min)
  • Work of the Holy Spirit (16 min)
  • Sons and Daughters of the King (13 min)
  • Image of God (18 min)
  • What Is Humanity? The Human Constitution (17 min)
  • What Is the Problem with Humanity? (14 min)
  • The Odyssey of Theodicy (15 min)
  • The Evangelical Church (13 min)
  • Biblical Images of the Church (17 min)
  • The Shape of the Church (14 min)
  • The Marks of the Church (20 min)
  • Governance of the Church (18 min)
  • Emblems of the Gospel: Baptism and Lord’s Supper (23 min)

Michael F. Bird is lecturer in theology at Ridley Melbourne College of Mission and Ministry. He is the author of several books, including Jesus and the Origins of the Gentile Mission, The Saving Righteousness of God, and with James Crossley, How Did Christianity Begin?


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    Save on Zondervan courses & audio until May 24


    Regular price: $199.99
    Save $164.00 (82%)