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Galaxie’s Theological Journal Library Subscription

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Theological journals make it possible to participate in the cutting edge of biblical and theological research. While commentaries often represent the essential scholarly views for biblical, exegetical, cultural and historical questions, even the greatest of commentators rely heavily upon the cumulation of knowledge of their peers. Journal articles zoom in on specific historical, exegetical, and theological topics and tease out the details in a way that is not possible in other academic genres.

Subscribe Monthly - $5
Subscribe Annually - $50

This product contains some resources produced by the publisher that don't have hyperlinks to other non-Bible resources. All journals in this product have searchable label tagging and will show up in the Journals guide section. However, some functionality will require Logos 8.4.

  • Analyzes current scholarly debates
  • Represents the finest evangelical scholarship
  • Encompasses over 170 years of academic research
  • Title: Galaxie’s Theological Journal Library Subscription
  • Journals: 40+
  • Volumes: 900+
  • Years: 1844–
  • Resource Type: Journals
  • Topic: Biblical Studies, Theology
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9 ratings

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  1. Michael



    A very good, valuable collection of theological journals. Thanks to the integration into logos, it's easy to search for the topics that interest you. The $50 per year subscription is a reasonable price when you compare what you pay for each journal.
  2. Jordan Hopkins
    I just purchased the annual subscription through Galaxie’s site, but how do I connect to Logos?
  3. Stephen Otto

    Stephen Otto


    Best $5 I ever spent!!!
  4. Robert Scull

    Robert Scull


    Most of these journals are not Pentecostal or Charismatic friendly.
  5. Donald McNeeley
  6. David Jonescue
    This is awesome. It would be worth it to download Logos just for this subscription. $5 a month!!! Wow. Cant beat it; integrated within Logos, even more unbelievable. Thank you so much Logos and Galaxie for making this resource possible.
  7. Tony



    This is a MUST-HAVE for everyone. I'm surprised that Logos doesn't negotiate a permanent license with Galaxie to include this in their tool. As a matter of fact, they should expand this with more, cause EBSCO is not in a great state. Well worth the cost.
  8. Joel Rivera

    Joel Rivera


    Definidamente una suscripción económica y accesible para todos. Además los recursos son de alta calidad.
  9. Caleb Black

    Caleb Black


  10. C.J. Scott

    C.J. Scott


    A useful subscription service, well worth it for specialist research projects etc
This product is not currently available to purchase.