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Products>Popular Patristics Series, Part 1 (10 vols.)

Popular Patristics Series, Part 1 (10 vols.)

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The Popular Patristics Series (10 vols.) provides readable and accurate translations of a broad range of early Christian literature to a wide audience—from students of Christian history to lay Christians reading for spiritual benefit. Recognized Patristic scholars provide short but comprehensive and clear introductory essays according to their specializations for each volume. Texts include classics of Christian literature, thematic volumes, homily collections, letters, spiritual guidance, and poetical works from a wide variety of geographical contexts and historical backgrounds. The purpose of the series is to mine the riches of the early church and to make these invaluable writings available to all.

With the Logos Bible Software edition, you can reap the maximum benefit from the Popular Patristics Series (10 vols.) by getting easier access to the contents of the collection—helping you use these volumes more effectively for scholarly pursuits, sermon preparation, or personal study. Every word from every book is indexed and catalogued to help you search the entire series for a particular verse or topic. For example, you can search the letters written by St. Cyprian for every instance of the word “baptism.”

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  • Examines the work of the early church to show the solid foundation current belief rests on
  • Provides accurate translations of early Christian literature
  • Includes extensive introductions and bibliographies
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Collection value: $121.90
Save $23.91 (19%)