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Products>Новий Заповіт (Ukrainian)

Новий Заповіт (Ukrainian)

, 2001
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The New Testament in Ukrainian.

WBTC Mission: Our mission is to provide accurate, easy-to-understand translations of God’s Word in the world’s major languages. Currently we are working in 17 languages with more being added regularly. By God’s grace we have released 24 New Testaments and 10 complete Bibles with more than 20 million Scripture items placed in the hands of people around the world.

  • Title: Новий Заповіт (Ukrainian)
  • Publisher: WBTC
  • Publication Date: 2001


6 ratings

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  1. Michael Jantzi
    I would like to add my request to those below. Logos is wonderful Bible study software. However, those of us living and ministering in Ukraine really need a Ukrainian Bible in Logos. To the best of my knowledge, this WBTC Ukrainian New Testament is not commonly used by believers in Ukraine. The Ohienko translation is a full Bible that is more or less the standard Ukrainian version. It would be valuable to have Ohienko in Logos. However, many people today find it difficult to read. I would like to request and encourage adding the Popchenko translation of the New Testament to Logos. I would gladly pay for it. Popchenko's translation is scholarly and accurate in my estimation.
  2. Bechthold Family ❤️
  3. William M. Harper
    This is great! Though I can't read and understand this Ukrainian Bible standing alone, I can link it to my English Bible in Logos to translate.
  4. Denis Sichkar

    Denis Sichkar


    I would also like to inquire about the availability of the Ukrainian Bible Ogienko translation. Would be a huge blessing if this was added to the library.
  5. Dmytro



    @Samuel.A.Kim Hello! I want to ask about the availability of Ukrainian Bible Ogienko. You wrote 2 years ago at the chat group that it will added soon. So where I can find it? (Need it to church presentation)
  6. Igor



    Коли вже з'являться Українскі переклади?
  7. Samuel.A.Kim



    Welcome to the group https://faithlife.com/ukrainian-bible/
  8. Ruslan



  9. Andrei Babiy

    Andrei Babiy


    Logos is a great software. Thank you very much! However, I would encourage the Logos staff to offer for sale the Old Testament and the New Testament in Ukrainian in the Ivan Ohienko translation.
  10. Oleksandr Styrenko
    Дякувати Богу! Але не вистачає в Логос Біблії українською
Get Новий Заповіт (Ukrainian) for Free


Print list price: $14.95
Regular price: $9.99
Save $9.99 (100%)