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Evangelical Commentary on the Bible

, 1995
ISBN: 9781441254443



Walter A. Elwell, editor. The purpose of this commentary, is to help the average reader of the Bible understand what the text says. Using the NIV as a basis for its comments, this commentary is a totally new work, not a reprint or a revised edition. Thirty-eight contributors representing some of the finest American evangelical scholars present their articles in clear, easy-to-understand language. Includes outlines and introductions to each book of the Bible and extensive discussions of key biblical doctrines.

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“Psalm 145. The psalmist is evidently thinking of the continuity of faith and testimony through the generations to the present (vv. 4–7)—especially of testimony to God’s wide dominion (vv. 11–13), his care for all that he has made, and his compassion toward the sinful, the fallen, the bowed down, and all who cry to him for help.” (Page 397)

“Moses outlines three areas of responsibility for heads of households. Husbands of war brides are limited in their authority. The conditions for taking a war bride (vv. 12–13) indicate her transfer from her pagan nation to the family of Israel and her mourning for her own family. Since war brides are people, not slaves or chattels, they may be let go but may not be sold as slaves or as merchandise. The rights of the firstborn are to be maintained (vv. 15–17). Finally, the elders at the gate (where judicial cases are brought) are to strengthen and support parental authority in the case of a rebellious son as a means of reinforcing the security and continuity of the covenant community.” (Page 123)

“In verses 7–9 John warns that baptism without a change of life-style is worthless” (Page 809)

“proclaims that Christians are the true circumcision” (Page 1044)

“‘righteous’ designates anyone in a right relationship with God.” (Page 1162)

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Walter A. Elwell, born 1937 in Florida, is an evangelical theologian and noted editor of several evangelical standard reference works. He is professor emeritus of Bible and Theology at Wheaton College where he taught from 1975 to 2003.


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  1. Greg Balzer

    Greg Balzer


    While I love detailed, book-specific commentaries, when I use these tools I often lose sight of the forest for all the trees. I purchased the Evangelical Commentary on the Bible to help me quickly discern the structure and central theme of a book of the Bible. By quickly getting a handle on a book's structure and theme, I am better able to both understand and teach the text in a way that respects or honors the Biblical book itself. Having heard so many verse-by-verse sermons deviate from the purpose and meaning of the actual text, I find assurance the care Elwell takes to carefully root his commentary in the Biblical text itself. Highly recommended to those who desire to get a better understanding of the Bible as a whole.

  2. Gil Moreno

    Gil Moreno



  3. Claybon Collins Jr
  4. Jeremy Rose

    Jeremy Rose


  5. James Philip Deans
  6. Lu



    Great biblical material and easy to understand

  7. Matthew



  8. Peter Wise

    Peter Wise